Kayleigh McEnany Busts Biden for His Lies During Address, Rips His 'Lack of Transparency'

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Joe Biden’s prime time address last night was just flat out bad. If his team thought that was going to quell questions about his cognitive decline, the speech only added to it.


First, as my colleague Bonchie observed, Biden looked terrible and barely alive, struggling just to read the teleprompter. This is the best version of the speech that they could put out there?

On top of that, the speech was awful and authoritarian, with Biden talking about issuing further guidance about “what you can or cannot do” after being vaccinated,” and suggesting that he might reimpose restrictions, if we were bad and didn’t adhere to his “guidance.” Seems like Joe is learning well from his CCP buddies.

Then, he just straight up lied about the Trump Administration, claiming the Wuhan coronavirus was met with “silence” and “denial.” Once again, he took complete credit for the vaccine response, acting as though President Donald Trump had done nothing, despite the fact we wouldn’t have the three vaccines except for Trump and had the vaccine distribution up to a million a day, which Biden had as his entry goal. Trump was already meeting that goal.

Kayleigh McEnany was on Fox Business with Maria Bartiromo and said how extraordinary Biden’s “denial” of the facts and reality was, in front of the American people. She pointed out, even the media, including the New York Times and Washington Post, pointed out how Trump was responsible for the three vaccines and getting them manufactured in record time.


Bartiromo chastised Biden for “making things up,” like Biden claiming that the virus was “met by silence for months.” She pointed out that all they had to do was look back at the fact that Trump cut travel with China on Jan. 31. What was Biden’s response about it? “Hysterical xenophobia.” He was more concerned about that than dealing with the virus.

Additionally, Trump in January had activated the CDC, organized the task force to deal with the virus, declared a public health emergency. Some silence. Bartiromo said never mind unity, that Biden’s “honesty was questionable.”

McEnany agreed, pointing out the xenophobia comment and said this all came as WHO was lying about the transmissibility to the world, and Biden just rejoins the WHO without holding them to account at all for their part in it all. They pointed out how Trump galvanized the pharmaceutical industry to get the vaccines to speed up the process. Again, hardly “silence.” The fastest development of a vaccine in history, as McEnany observed, that such partnering with the private sector had not been done before.


They also questioned whether Biden, who would be meeting with CCP leaders, would hold China’s feet to the fire in regards to their cover-up of the virus, and the “unprecedented lack of transparency” in not holding a solo press conference. McEnany noted it was the longest in 100 years of anyone in office, and that she would be very curious as to how they were going to pull this off by the end of the month, as they said they would.

Meanwhile, while Biden is piggybacking off of Trump’s success against the virus, he’s making another crisis worse at the border, McEnany explained, which was going to hurt the virus crisis, because they were letting in people who were positive for the virus, as well.

McEnany was right on target as usual. If Biden can’t even be honest on such simple things when he’s speaking before all American about things that are so easy to fact check, how can one trust anything he has to say?


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