Biden Border Czar Makes a Huge Gaffe in Message to Migrants About Trying to Illegally Enter

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So how bad is that illegal immigration crisis getting at the border?

The Biden team threw out their “border czar,” Roberta Jacobson, a National Security Council member in charge of southern border affairs, to try to deal with the mess they created. But it was a disaster when the “czar” refused to admit that the crisis was in fact a crisis.


First, she tried to claim that it was President Donald Trump’s fault for causing “pent-up demand.” Funny how it isn’t Trump illegal aliens are citing when they say why they are coming, they say it’s because of Biden’s own words they are coming, they’re even wearing shirts with his name on them, asking to get in. She also claimed it might have been because of a “more humane policy.”

What is “more humane” about actually encouraging more people to come and detaining more people? It actually feeds the smugglers and floods the system, making it impossible to properly deal with people.

She said that they wanted to funnel $4 billion to Central American countries to deal with the problems that caused the people to come in the first place. Of course, that’s what they did under Barack Obama. How’d that work? It’s like tossing our money down a rat hole and does absolutely nothing to dissuade people from wanting to come here, it just lines the pockets of often corrupt governments there.


They’ve brought in the 1400 people who were waiting in Mexico under the Remain in Mexico policy that they also ended which had helped to control the flow of people claiming asylum, virtually all of whom are economic migrants. They’re being released into the country regardless of virus status, according to the NY Post. Jen Psaki even claimed it wasn’t the federal government’s responsibility to test them before letting them in.

“All of this is part of the plan,” Jacobson said when asked if they should have been better prepared to handle this influx of children before it changed the policy.

Doesn’t that just say it all?

She then said they needed to convey to the people that they shouldn’t be coming, so she tried to do that in Spanish. But instead of saying that “the border is closed,” she ended up saying “the border is not closed.”


Isn’t that an absolute on-target gaffe that describes the Biden team and how they have done everything in this regard? And that’s the message that will go out. Of course, the border isn’t technically ‘closed’ either, but they seem to have difficulty just saying “No, you can’t enter illegally.”

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