Welcome to Bizarro Spin-Land: Listen as MSNBC Show Suggests Biden Tougher on Iran Than Trump

(Nathan Congleton/MSNBC via AP)

Joe Biden has been getting some backlash for bombing Syria in retaliation for alleged Iranian militia attacks on American forces in Iraq. A lot of the anger is coming from those on the far left, who think that’s not for what they were voting.


There are also reports that 22 people were killed, none of whom were Iranians, so that it might not have been quite the “surgical strike” it was claimed to be and there may be local backlash to the strike.

It was fascinating how differently the media has dealt with Biden’s action as opposed to that of President Donald Trump.

My colleague Bonchie dealt with some of the media spin as they tried to justify Biden doing what they had previously attacked Trump for doing.

Check out this revision of history by MSNBC’s “Deadline White House” with Nicolle Wallace talking with Jeremy Bash, who was chief of staff for the CIA and then for the Department of Defense under Barack Obama.

Wallace claims that a lot of the “fear-mongering” from the right that Biden would let Iran off the hook has been “obliterated” by this action. Yeah, no, not at all. We know he’s still coddling Iran because we can see the other actions, such as removing the terrorist designation on the Iranian-backed Houthis and talking about rejoining the Iran Deal, but nice try. Not to mention appointing people to his team who were meeting with Iran behind the back of the U.S. and Trump Administration during the past four years. Biden apparently didn’t even hit Iranians with this strike, according to the reports, although to be fair Iranian-backed militias don’t necessarily mean “Iranian.”


According to Bash, Trump hadn’t been hard enough on the Iranians. Say what?

“We’ve lost deterrence,” Bash claimed, suggesting that Trump had been too weak. “For all of the prior president’s tough talk over the last year, we’ve lost deterrence because those Shia militias have been emboldened and they’ve been attacking our troops and our positions in that region.” Bash claimed Biden had acted in a “proportional way” and a “strategically important way.”

Um, these are the very same people that were saying that Trump “conduct[ed] an extremely escalatory, dangerous, and inflammatory step that brings us now to the brink of a full-scale military conflict” (Bash’s own words) by taking out Qasem Soleimani last year. Remember their mania over that? But Trump showed he was right in taking out their big terrorism guy, likely impeding a lot of his planned actions and Trump was able to exact some justice for all the Americans Soleimani had killed without coming close to a war. But now, they’re claiming he didn’t do enough after complaining that he did too much? And they think that this “proportionate response” is going to stop them? There’s a bit of a disconnect with reality there. Plus it’s hilarious that they’re trying now to paint Trump as weak on Iran compared to Biden. Talk about twisted spin.



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