A Look Back at Some of the Words of Gen. Honore, the Man Pelosi Has Doing a 'Security Review' of Jan. 6

A Look Back at Some of the Words of Gen. Honore, the Man Pelosi Has Doing a 'Security Review' of Jan. 6

My colleague Jennifer Oliver O’Connell wrote a piece earlier about retired General Russel Honore, who was appointed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to do a “security review” of what happened on Jan. 6. Now she did this without any input from Republicans at all. Because if one had had input, one might have pointed out how Honore has well-earned the criticisms laid out in my colleague’s piece.

The man is, quite frankly, off his rocker and this is who Nancy Pelosi thinks should be assessing our security at the Capitol. Moreover, if you listen to his crazy, as laid out in these two videos, particularly by what he says in the Gaetz video, we should be very worried about what he’s saying and what he’s suggesting be done here. Not to mention he’s already made up his mind without looking at any evidence and he’s targeting Republicans and the Capitol Police. Listen carefully as he blames the riot on insiders in the Capitol Police who he smears as racists and how he appears to talk about routing out people with different political beliefs because now they control “all three branches of government.” That’s just shameful and an insult to officers who hold different political views than Honore, like Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick.

Not only is Honore problematic for the crazy things he’s said and tweeted, and for being a raging partisan with his mind already made up on the matter, but as Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) pointed out, he’s exactly the wrong person you would want evaluating such actions given his own past remarks about the BLM/Antifa riots. Not to mention his own actions.

Listen to the delusional interpretation by the Democratic Oregon Attorney General, Brian Williams and Gen. Honore as they tried to push the leftist crazy conspiracy theory that President Donald Trump had sent unidentified ‘feds’ into Portland, at which Williams throws out terms like a quasi “secret police force,” also throwing out other suggested terms like “storm troopers” and “jack-booted thugs.”

Of course, that wasn’t true, it was part of the CBP because the U.S. federal courthouse in Portland and its agents were under nightly violent attack by BLM/Antifa people trying to burn it down with explosive fireworks, Molotovs and projectiles. Dozens of federal agents had already been injured.

Honore offensively called CBP agents wearing BORTAC uniforms “an instrument of protest suppression.” He accused federal agents of wearing the uniform as a “function of intimidation.” Just as he’s smearing with a broad brush the Capitol Police, he smeared all the federal agents as trying to suppress protest, without any acknowledgement that they were defending the United States which was under attack and many had already been injured. They weren’t just “detaining people and taking them away,” as he claimed, that fed into the conspiracy theory that they were “kidnapping” people off the street when they were detaining people they saw leaving the riots in full-on Antifa black bloc attire to question them about the attacks on the courthouse and they were doing it in that way because if they try to wade into a crowd during the riot and grab the instigators they were being attacked by Antifa rioters trying to de-arrest the person, so this was the safest way for everyone involved to detain the person. But facts apparently didn’t matter to Honore in helping to lend fuel to the conspiracy. He calls the federal agents a “lawless group” that thinks it can suppress “peaceful protests” as well as “disobedient” demonstrations. Imagine calling everything that Antifa did for months just peaceful or ‘disobedient,’ it’s not reality. That’s the guy Nancy put in charge of a ‘security review.’

But another thing that Democrats have been trying to do in all this is demonize, even criminalize the speech of their opponents, even when they have used the same “fighting” words, as it were. Honore has demonized folks like Josh Hawley for daring to object to the electoral count. Republicans objected to the electoral counts for two states in 2021. In 2017, Democrats objected to the electoral count for President Donald Trump in several more states than did the GOP in 2021, including House Impeachment Manager Jamie Raskin who objected to the count for Florida. Raskin demonized the common words in political usage like “fighting” to try to suggest “incitement.”

So I wanted to take a look back at some of the terms that Gen. Honore has used in the past.

Let’s talk about that time he led his “Green Army” “soldiers” onto the steps of the Louisiana State Capitol in 2015 as part of a rally/protest.

He was described by leftist Mother Jones as “declaring war on polluters.”

Oh, look they even called to infiltrate and “pack the legislature.”

Now of course there’s nothing wrong with any of that wording. But that’s the kind of wording that Democrats are now trying to demonize. It’s the same kind of words that Honore is using to try to demonize Republicans like Hawley. Their rules.

Further, all this shows an extreme hyper-partisan person who doesn’t appear to judge facts fairly and dispassionately, with a very anti-Republican tilt and agenda. Hardly the person who should be doing a “security review.”

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