Trump Talks 2024, New Social Media Platform, Joe Biden, and China

Trump Talks 2024, New Social Media Platform, Joe Biden, and China
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Many Americans are wondering what President Donald Trump is going to do next.

Newsmax had him on with Greg Kelly last night and asked about that, as well as covering several other subjects.

Many have encouraged Trump to start or take over a social media platform. Trump confirmed that he was considering doing just that.

“We’re negotiating with a number of people,” he said, indicating they might be in talks. That’s intriguing. He also said, “There’s the other option of building your own site.” He chastised Twitter for the harassment that his posts were subjected to, noting that Twitter let foreign countries say “all kinds of horrible things,” yet they are still on the site. He also teased that since he left that Twitter, “I understand it has become very boring.” He said that he wouldn’t be going back to Twitter.

Trump was asked if he was going to run again in 2024, but he wouldn’t commit on the record.

“I won’t say yet, bet we have tremendous support,” Trump responded.

As we previously reported, polls have indicated that Republican voters aren’t really even taking any other candidate very seriously with Trump having 53% even without saying he would run and with everything Democrats have thrown against him. That’s, of course, why Democrats tried to impeach him because they wanted to block him out from running again in 2024. That’s also why they’re trying to load up other ways of getting him before then which is why he’s likely playing running again close to the vest.

Trump had a few words about Joe Biden’s incredibly false statement that there was no vaccine before he got into office.

“I saw that he said there was no vaccine when he came into office, and yet he got a shot before he came into office,” Trump told Kelly. By the time Trump left, they were already giving about a million vaccinations a day. “We were giving millions of shots and millions of doses,” Trump explained, saying that Biden was “either not telling a truth, or he’s mentally gone, one or the other.” “Biden’s being killed on that whole thing,” Trump observed. “Even the haters are saying, you know this vaccine was announced long before. He is getting lit up on that one.”

According to Newsmax, the president also called out Biden’s bad comments on China. Biden gave a jumbled word salad of an answer when asked about China by Anderson Cooper on a CNN town hall this week. In the answer, he talked about how we had to understand that “culturally there were different norms” when he was talking about their treatment of the Uighurs, a horrible statement that appears to give the CCP a pass for the genocide against the group. Trump said Biden was compromised because of his family involvement with the Chinese. “His family’s involved with the Chinese, certainly, a long time and a lot of money.”

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