WaPo Fact Checker Spins Kamala Harris Donating to Bail Fund, Ted Cruz Drops Him With Reality Check

WaPo Fact Checker Spins Kamala Harris Donating to Bail Fund, Ted Cruz Drops Him With Reality Check
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One of the points made very well by the Trump defense team during the impeachment trial was how Democrats are trying to go after President Donald Trump for allegedly “inciting” words at his rally on Jan. 6 when they themselves have said and done actual inciting or endorsing of riots or violent behavior.

Take Kamala Harris. Please.

Here she is encouraging the “mostly peaceful” folks in the street.

As we reported last year, here she was asking for people to donate to a bail fund for those “protesting on the ground.”

Not only did she donate, but she encouraged other people to donate as well. 13 Biden campaign staffers also donated to the fund. Celebrities also encouraged it, raising millions for the bail fund. They flooded the fund with $35 million.

According to the Daily Caller, the fund even used her picture, presumably with her permission, to raise money, even more of an endorsement.

So how did The Washington Post fact checker interpret this when Republicans and other Americans looked at that and said, quite reasonably that she’s raising money to help get people arrested during the riots out? “It’s complicated,” Glenn Kessler claimed, fact checking a statement from Sen. Tom Cotten that “Kamala Harris helped violent rioters in Minnesota get out of jail to do more damage.”

Kessler admits that the fund did bail out “a number of people charged with violent crimes” and that Lionel Timms who was bailed out on an assault charge in July (after the donation drive from Harris and others in June) did allegedly go on to commit another very serious assault with traumatic brain injury), as I wrote about in September.

Keesler’s fact check, from September, which he was referencing now basically said that most folks got out without really needing bail or help from the fund.

Which of course doesn’t change the fact that Harris and the Biden staffers were donating the money to specifically help get “protesters” out who were arrested during the rioting. Not to mention, the fund even using her picture to raise money in getting people. Pretty hard to argue with those basic facts.

So what’s so complicated here?

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) had a few words for this kind of a “fact check” from The Washington Post.

Cruz nails it in a nutshell. When it involves a Democrat, the basic facts suddenly become “complicated” or “missing context” to avoid the obvious truth that they’re supporting bail for people arrested during the riots. If it’s a Republican, the truth can literally be twisted into a pretzel to make them somehow guilty.

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