Sounds Like Biden's Plagiarizing Hillary With His Latest Unbelievable Claim

At what point does it become problematic when Joe Biden says crazy things that have no basis in reality?

On Thursday, Biden told a group of diplomatic aides that they had “great personal courage.” “I’ve been with some of you when we’ve been shot at.”


Biden, of course, did not provide any further details of when he’d actually been “shot at.”

He apparently made a similar claim during a presidential debate in 2007 and claimed he was shot at in Baghdad’s Green Zone.

From Fox News:

“Let’s start telling the truth,” he said. “Number one, you take all the troops out — you better have helicopters ready to take those 3,000 civilians inside the Green Zone, where I have been seven times and shot at. You better make sure you have protection for them, or let them die, number one.”

He walked that back to he was “near where a shot landed.’

Veterans called him out at the time for exaggerating, basically doing a “stolen valor.”

From NY Post:

Patrick Campbell, then legislative director for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, told The Hill at the time, “Veterans don’t like it when people mischaracterize their service, people who overstate what happens to them. We have names for them.”

George Washington University professor Stephen Hess said in 2007 that the claim “fits into [Biden’s] profile, and that’s exactly why he should be terribly careful about statements that may not quite parse out or deconstruct under scrutiny.”


Sounds a lot like Hillary Clinton’s “I came under fire while landing in Bosnia” story.

Biden has a long history of plagiarizing and making up stories including lying about marching in the Civil Rights movement and lying about his academic background.

The other thing is — if he knew he got called on it before and had to walk it back, why is he saying it again? That shows a deep problem, either he can’t remember or he doesn’t care about the truth, neither of which is good.

It would seem things like this might be a small problem — that our press should be asking questions and be concerned when he comes up with things like this. That’s assuming we had a press willing to actually ask the questions which should be asked.

But it seems the magic “D” allows protection for Democrats making up or exaggerating their “near-death” experiences.



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