Remember That Biden Promise to Immediately Release Kids Being Held at the Border by ICE? He's Definitely Broken That One Now

So I have to admit some reporters, like Josh Wingrove of Bloomberg are actually trying to ask Jen Psaki real, substantive questions. I wrote on how he asked her about the Space Force, however, she mocked it and didn’t give him an answer. She’s not giving him answers, but he is trying.


Wingrove also asked about Joe Biden’s promise to immediately release children from ICE detention.

There’s apparently a reason that Psaki isn’t giving him an answer on that question about releasing the children as Biden promised to “immediately.” Because Biden isn’t releasing them immediately, breaking that promise.

Not only isn’t Bidden releasing the children immediately, he’s actually reopening up an “overflow facility” to hold the crush of people that he likely caused with his promise not to deport illegal aliens for the first 100 days.


So you mean he’s still keeping the kids in those evil cages that he and Barack Obama built before the Trump Administration but that he blamed President Donald Trump for? Sure sounds like it and even reopening another facility? I’d say that qualifies as a “broken promise.”

Most of MSM didn’t discover the “cages” (big fenced in holding areas where people were initially brought for a few days before the kids were sent to homes/facilities run by HHS until guardians can be found for them). Of course, under Trump, Democrats and media painted the areas as evil and it was covered 24/7 as such.

So are they still evil now that Biden has a hold over them again? Will the MSM be covering all the illnesses from the virus and blasting Biden for it?


Funny how that all works, right?

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