White House Youtube Account Experiences a Little Funny Business After Biden Inauguration Gets Huge Number of Down Votes

Doug Mills/The New York Times via AP, Pool

The media tells us that Joe Biden got more votes than anyone in history.

So that should make him the most popular guy ever, right?

So even with the virus and security there should have been people out for the inaugural? Not so much. Just all the flags allegedly standing in for people.


But if they were only kept away by the virus and security then they were all locked to their media, viewing it, right? Well, again, not so much.

They had the inauguration live-streaming on the White House Youtube account and it was up on the Youtube page for awhile until it was pulled.

First. the number of views on it was embarrassing, it was unlisted at 399,000 views and the ability to comment removed.

It now says it had 183,233 views after being up for hours yesterday as of this writing. Not sure what happened to the views there. It could be the others were removed for being bots trying to pump the count.

Why was it unlisted? Perhaps because of the low views or perhaps because of the huge number of down votes. As of the time of this writing, it has 5400 upvotes and 25000 down votes. Unlisted videos are invisible in search results, subscriber feeds, suggestions, and user video tabs, but you can still see them if you have the link. It appears searchable again so it may have been out back to a normal listing.


Salty Cracker, a Youtuber who observed the issue, mocked the views saying his “ridiculous” channel would likely get more views in his critique of it than did the White House channel.

Indeed, Salty Cracker was pretty close, he got 306,749 views as of this writing. To be fair, people may have been looking at other channels/media coverage. But it’s still pretty embarrassing that the down votes so massively outweigh the upvotes for the most popular guy ever. Indeed, all the videos now on the Biden White House channel have a lot more down votes than up votes, people making their opinion known in one of the few ways in which they are allowed.

There also has been some funny business with the down votes too, according to Sharyl Attkisson.


An hour ago, as of 3:00 EST, the downvotes were over 25,000. Now they are at 24,000 at 4:11 EST.



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