MacCallum Grills Raffensperger About Leaking Call, as He Squirms

Fox News may just have gotten back in the journalism game.

Fox’s Martha MacCallum had on the embattled Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger who was a part of the controversial call that was dropped over the weekend involving him, President Donald Trump, attorneys for Raffensperger, the Trump Campaign and Mark Meadows among other people.


Media has spun the call as some kind of pressure call from Trump to force Raffensperger to “find” votes for him to win the election. But as we reported earlier, the call wasn’t that at all, but a conference call with an idea of what needed to be done to settle litigation against Raffensperger to pay attention to the evidence of the illegal votes that the Trump campaign was talking about. Hardly something you’d do anything improper on, even if you were so inclined.

But obviously it looked like Raffensperger had leaked it to media in order to try to undermine Trump.

So when Raffensperger went on Fox and tried to whine about Trump being mean to him, MacCallum actually asked him the first question that anyone should ask him about the call: did you leak the call or have it leaked? “Did you OK the release of the phone call? Did you say, ‘OK, let’s release the audio of the phone call’?” she asked the Secretary of State.

Raffensperger did not deny it. He evaded, squirming, “The information is out there. It is what it is.”


MacCallum pressed him, “That’s not an answer to my question. Are you going to answer my question? Were you aware of the decision, and were you in favor of the decision to release the phone call, sir?”

From Daily Caller:

“I think that we had to respond to the president’s Twitter, and we responded with the facts that were in the call,” Raffensperger said. “That’s how it got out there. So now the world can make up their own decisions, listen to the whole thing — both sides of the aisle, right down the middle. And they can make their own decisions.”

Translation: he leaked it to get back at Trump. And yes, we can listen to the whole tape, not just the four minute part snipped out to make Trump look bad and it doesn’t look good for Raffensperger. Trump and his attorneys look completely reasonable in asking for any way to prove their case and for Raffensperger’s office to explain the irregularities. His very leaking of it makes it clear he wasn’t acting in good faith but to hurt Trump. And maybe not just to hurt Trump.


He not only whined about Trump to MacCallum but he whined about Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) who said that he should resign. He blamed Perdue for alleged death threats he said he and his wife got. Sounds like this was timed to try to hurt Perdue just before the election too.

I hope Perdue and Loeffler really have their eyes out for the count in the election tomorrow. Because it’s pretty clear that this guy should not have anything to do with any election when he has such biases and can’t be trusted.


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