Bidens, First Responders Serenade Fauci; Fauci Violates His Own Rules

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been getting a lot of coverage today.

As we reported earlier, even CNN folks posted about him for his birthday, calling him the “lord and savior of 2020” and brandishing a bobblehead doll of their cult god.


The adulation was effusive, despite the report that Fauci admitted that he hadn’t told Americans the truth when he started talking about herd immunity, because he had judged we weren’t capable of handling the truth earlier.

Of course, while media praised Fauci, they seem to have missed that particular report about him not telling the truth. As well as the other times that he flip flopped/changed his story.

But I felt we might be remiss if I didn’t note a couple of other things that happened today, on Fauci Day.

First there was this cringey birthday wish to Fauci from Joe and Jill Biden. Did Joe forget his name halfway through? Because he just calls him “pal.”

Dr. Fauci has told you all to stay home, to not get together with your family members, right? He’s not even getting together with his family, he said.


But watch this moment here, as he’s serenaded by Bethesda first responders as he leaves his job. A large group of non-socially distanced responders sing “Happy Birthday” to him.

At first, he stops across the street from them, a proper distance away. But then he joins them, standing right in the middle of the crowd to take pictures with them, even accepting a banner that they made for him that likely went through a few hands, because, hang all, who needs that six feet social distancing thing when more adulation and pictures are involved, right?

Notice how the “March for Science” account loves it and fails to see the inconsistency in this all.

Remember how Fauci said even with the vaccine we would still need to be masking and social distancing for awhile. So why isn’t he taking his own advice?

Oh, and that people shouldn’t be singing?


Or aren’t we supposed to be seeing such inconsistencies and just doing what he tells us to do?



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