Fauci Admits He Didn't Tell Truth, Moved Goalposts Because People Not 'Ready to Hear Truth'

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You may think that today is Christmas Eve.

But as we reported yesterday, according to the edict of D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, it’s “Dr. Anthony Fauci Day,” a day to celebrate Fauci for all he has done.


So perhaps it’s appropriate that there’s a report today about Fauci admitting that he hasn’t been telling us the truth about the virus.

We already saw him say something like this when it came to masks. Initially he said in March that he didn’t think people generally should be wearing masks because they really weren’t all that effective in preventing the spread. But on the other hand, the constant touching, fiddling with and adjusting of the mask could make it worse. He later backtracked on that, saying that he’d said that to discourage people because masks were scarce and he wanted there to be enough for medical workers.

So was he lying then about masks or lying now?

The problem with stuff like this is that when you do this, you torch your credibility, not to mention thinking you can manipulate people and treat them like children.

Now, on “Fauci Day,” comes the report that he’s doing it again, that he admitted in a phone interview he’d been deliberately changing his public statements about the virus because he didn’t think people were “ready” to hear his true beliefs.


According to The NY Times, Fauci admitted he had been slowly “increasing the number of Americans he says need to be vaccinated for the U.S. to reach ‘herd immunity’ in public statements.” He said partly that was due to new science and partly because he thinks the country is finally ready to hear it.

From Daily Caller:

Earlier on in the pandemic, Fauci had said the United States would need 60 to 70 percent of people to be vaccinated in order to reach herd immunity, according to the Times. He cited higher numbers of 75 to 80-plus percent in a CNBC interview last week. That prompted the Times to ask him why he had been “moving the goalposts,” their report says.

Now he’s claiming we might need 90% in order to reach it.

So why should we believe what he has to say? Health officials are supposed to be telling us the truth, however difficult that might be. If they’re not, why are they there? They’re not supposed to be lying and smooth talking us.


There’s no reason to believe the 90% number either, that smacks of just wanting more control and it leaves out those with natural immunity or those immune from having had it. But notice even the definition of herd immunity is in the process of being changed apparently, by WHO.

But just remember, Happy Fauci Day!

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