Media Just Dropped Some Interesting Info About the Family 'Fighting Eviction' Behind Portland Autonomous Zone

AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus

We’ve reported on the new Portland Autonomous Zone that BLM/Antifa people have erected. They’re fighting, they claim, to prevent a family from being evicted from a red house that had been foreclosed on and sold in 2018. But the people who live there are refusing to leave.

As we previously noted, Antifa has been camping out with them for months, causing all kinds of trouble in the neighborhood, generating a lot of criminal response to the area.

In the past week, Antifa has created an “autonomous zone” called RHAZ, the “Red House Autonomous,” that has now taken up several blocks around the house. They have reportedly been stockpiling weapons and even have armed guards patrolling.

The first day they chased the police away. Mayor Ted Wheeler warned them that if they continued, they would be forcibly evicted again, but then he did nothing, letting them expand, take over more area and harass people.

Wheeler, being Wheeler is trying to “work out” some agreement to get them out.

The activists pushed the story of the poor family pushed out of their home in the middle of a pandemic by the mean evil government and the nasty racist police.

But now there’s some interesting background on that plaintive story of the family (who have given them every chance for the past two years since the house was sold).

First, turns out the family isn’t being put out on the street because they own a second home less than two miles away that BLM/Antifa and the family forgot to mention in all this drama. Local reporters figured it out and confirmed it with them at the home.

From OPB:

The second home — located in Northeast Portland less than 2 miles from the house where protesters are camping — has been owned by the family since 1966, according to property records. OPB visited the home Friday morning and confirmed the family is currently living there.

The Kinneys’ son, Michael, answered the door at the second home and confirmed the family owned it, but he declined to answer questions, saying OPB would need to schedule an interview.

Meanwhile, because of the attention to the case, the family has managed to raise $300,000 with a GoFundMe. Perhaps this explains why we didn’t hear about the other home sooner.

There’s more. The man who bought the home in 2018 but hasn’t been able to use it because of all this has offered the family the ability the ability to buy it back for cost, the $260,000 that he paid for the home.

So it’s all good, right? They have the money to buy it back.

But according to the ,am, no one seems really anxious to take the deal he’s offering, according to The Oregonian.

But Ozeruga told The Oregonian/OregonLive on Friday evening he had not received offers for a deal from the Kinney family or from Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, who has said he is trying to advance a peaceful resolution to end the hostile standoff at the North Mississippi Avenue home.

Well sure, they already have a home and they have a great story that’s generating money.

One more piece of information?

Julie Metcalf Kinney, who is Native American, and her husband William Kinney Jr., who is Black, owned the home for more than 23 years before losing it to foreclosure for failing to pay the mortgage for nearly a year and half. Julie Metcalf Kinney and the couple’s oldest son, William Kinney III, have asserted their sovereign citizen beliefs that the law does not apply to them and courts have no jurisdiction over them or their debts.

So it wasn’t the state being nasty and evil to the poor family?

Funny how this story really wasn’t what BLM/Antifa were trying to sell people, was it?