Rick Santelli Explodes Again, This Time Against COVID Lockdowns and It's Gold


My colleague Kira Davis covered the heartbreaking story last night of a Los Angeles bar owner whose business was being crushed by the state, after she’d invested in her outdoor dining to comply with virus rules but then told she had to shut it down, while 50 feet away was outdoor dining for a film crew allowed by the Mayor.


But she’s just one of thousands, if not millions, in the heartbreaking position of losing their jobs or losing everything, not because of the virus, but because of the restrictions imposed by the state and local governments.

This is all contingent upon the state thinking that they can tell us what to do. That they know better. That you aren’t capable. This shouldn’t be the way any government operates in this our America.

And there’s a divisive component to this, where they make your neighbor the “secret mask police,” making people think if you’re not wearing a mask you’re killing people or if you do not agree to a mask mandate, you are uncaring, a “denier” or want people to die.

As Kira Davis said, it’s time we get mad and stop this destruction of our society, our jobs and our lives.

One person who is getting mad inspired a movement when he got mad once before, according to PJ Media.
That’s financial reporter Rick Santelli, the man who unintentionally kicked off the Tea Party movement when he ranted about mortgage bailouts, with “President Obama, are you listening?”


On Friday, he appeared on CNBC with host Andrew Ross Sorkin and Santelli laid into the mystical science of the lockdowns that claimed there was more danger going into smaller establishments rather than big box stores like Lowes or Home Depot, putting the smaller places out of business.

Sorkin of course defended the government edicts declaring them “science,” claiming “the difference between a big-box retailer and a restaurant or, frankly, even a church are so different it’s unbelievable.” But Santelli was having none of that saying shutting down wasn’t the only answer and that he, Sorkin, was “doing a disservice to the viewer.”

RS: Five hundred people in a Lowes are not any safer than 150 people in a restaurant that holds 600. I don’t believe it. Sorry. Don’t believe it. And I live in an area where there’s a lot of restaurants that have fought back and they don’t have any problems. And they’re open!

AS: You don’t have to believe it. But let me just say this. You’re doing a disservice to the viewer because the viewers need to understand that …

RS: YOU are doing a disservice to the viewer! YOU ARE! You are!

AS: I’m sorry. I’m sorry I would like to keep our viewers are as healthy as humanly possible. The idea of packing people into restaurants and packing—

RS: I think our viewers are smart enough to make part of those decisions on their own.


So you have Sorkin, willing to have the government dictate to him and claim “science” while chastising Santelli. The insane thing was folks on the left like Chapman were calling it “amazing” because they thought that Sorkin “schooled” Santelli. Some of them called on Santelli to be fired because of course they did. Their first inclination is control and censor. Not actually justify what science they are talking about.

What science? The science that said you couldn’t go to church but going to the grocery store was ok? That you can go and sit on a packed plane even take your mask off and eat, but can’t eat in an outdoor dining area? The science that says it’s okay to protest and/or riot for Black Lives Matter but not against lockdowns? This is indeed a strange science and a strange virus who can know just what politics to correctly follow to infect or not infect people.

Sorkin tried to shame Santelli and implied he was doing a disservice to the viewers. But of course it’s Sorkin and the mask police who are doing a disservice to Americans in general treating us like children to be led. And Santelli wasn’t going to let him get away with it.


It’s time for the left to truly understand the real science of what they are destroying with all this. Many more of us should be getting mad about it.



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