CNN's Kaitlan Collins and WH Press Corps Preen After Questioning of Trump, Twitter Mocks Them Mercilessly

Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and most people spent it with their families.

But White House correspondents were courageously going where we could not, the White House briefings with President Donald Trump, where they bravely asked questions.


CNN’s Kaitlan Collins wanted you to know successful they had been in a tweet.

No, you got answers from Trump because he wanted to answer you. Asking actual questions is your job, not being Democratic operatives. There’s no bravery to it. Reporters aren’t supposed to be inserting yourself into the story. Yet these characters cannot stop doing that, and making the story about them. Notice all the virtue signaling with the masks.

So a few observations about this preening.

Is this the same Kaitlan Collins who ripped off her mask when she thought the cameras weren’t on her?

Looks like some of them are wearing KN95 masks from China.

This kind of gathering in the same place for Thanksgiving that has been forbidden by some governors’ edicts. So why is this ok for press? Which only goes to prove the whole absurdity of it all to begin with.

Twitter mocked these folks for seeing themselves as somehow incredibly heroic.


Yes, but Obama also spied on reporters too and they didn’t care about that either.


Shh, don’t interrupt their narcissism with science, Doctor.

But here’s another thing. Trump has been one of the most accessible presidents ever and was always taking questions. But you wouldn’t know it from how media attacks him. They’re actually going to find out how much they miss that accessibility if Joe Biden were to get in. Aren’t these the folks all from the same media that was perfectly content to let Joe Biden hide out in his basement and not have him taking any real questions? Can we expect that any of these folks would be upset if Biden continued that process? No, they’d report on the color of his socks and how that is indicative of how he relates to the people.


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