Joe Biden Tries to Quote Book in the Bible, It Goes Horribly Wrong

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Joe Biden was playing at being president today, giving a ‘Thanksgiving message.’

But Joe Biden being Joe Biden meant that not only was he falsely assuming a role he didn’t have, namely president, but that he also was going to just completely mess it up.


First, he told people it was their “patriotic duty” to “forego family traditions” for Thanksgiving because of the Wuhan coronavirus.

They couldn’t even get the attempted “halo” picture right with the pictures, instead it came out looking like old Joe had sprouted horns.

Biden said, “We find ourselves again facing a long, hard winter.”

Yes, if Biden were to be president, it definitely would be a “long hard winter.” Despite claiming he was about “unity,” he once again took the opportunity to attack President Donald Trump. “[T]his grim season of demonization and division” under Trump “is going to give way to a year of light” and a “more compassionate chapter in the life of our nation,” Biden declared.

But as to the virus, we’re in a much better position because of President Donald Trump and his Operation Warp Speed facilitating finding vaccines which are anticipated to start being distributed within a couple of weeks.


But then “devout Catholic” Biden really went over the slide when he tried to quote the Psalms. Or perhaps I should say The “Palms.”

Oh my. He’s clearly reading off a teleprompter again and has absolutely no idea what he’s even saying.

Someone needs to tell the devout Catholic how to pronounce the word.

The longer clip is even more empty platitudes promising everything after having done nothing for 47 years.

So where’s the media coverage to mock Biden like they would have mocked Trump had he said this?


Answer: you know they’re not even going to go there.

But that didn’t stop people on Twitter.


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