Obama Mocks Trump Supporters, as Stephen Colbert Confesses to Obama He Wants to 'Drink You In'

(Alyssa Pointer/Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP)

I have to admit that one of the great things about the Trump Administration is that Barack Obama is no longer president.

Now while it’s fair that as a Democrat, he would have policy that I would likely disagree with and yes, want to fight against, often what was most infuriating about Obama was his utter pretense and gall, claiming to be against division while completely cutting people up or siccing his administration on them behind the scenes.


He was always praised by media for being so smooth. But they mistook “smooth” for caring, rather than simply being smooth, deceitful and huge narcissist.

As we reported earlier, Obama’s on the road promoting his newest autobiography (how may is that now) and he actually went after evangelical Hispanic Christians in an incredibly dishonest attack.

So many things wrong there: Mexican isn’t a “race” and Trump wasn’t racist, Obama built the cages, Obama had been against gay marriage and Trump wasn’t during his campaign or as president. But seriously, how dare he attack Hispanic Christians and suggest it is they who are hypocrites when it’s really him? In the words of Allie Beth Stuckey, it’s Obama’s condescension and “smooth cruelty” in action.


But media always painted over anything that Obama did wrong, that’s part of how his administration was able to get away with so much without prosecution. That, and of course having your AG be your “wingman.”

So it stands to reason of course that media will be sucking up to him again as he promotes his book. Maybe even more so now as they think that he might be the man pulling the strings behind the scenes of Joe Biden. As we reported earlier, the Obama guys are already trying to muscle the Biden folks out of the way for positions under Biden. Obama of course delayed endorsing Biden until the last possible moment because he knew all the problems with Biden, but now he’ll make of it what he can.

But even knowing the media, the sucking up from Stephen Colbert was really cringeworthy. This is what they did for eight years with Obama while throughout the Trump presidency they’ve done everything to rip him apart. But yeah, they’re not biased or anything. Warning if you just ate, this could cause nausea.

From Newsbusters:

“Can we just take moment — I can just — and I want to talk. I just want to take a moment to drink you in for just a moment. Because I’m having to get used to looking at a President. [LAUGHTER] Again. You know, I’ve gotten out of — I’ve gotten out of the habit,” he gushed.


But it got worse. Just like he attacked the Hispanic Christian Trump supporters, Obama then mocked Trump supporters generally as people who “drank” their “own Kool Aid.”

OBAMA: In your original show, right, you know, there was a– you’re satirizing a certain attitude. But you never thought that folks would actually start believing.

COLBERT: I did not know I was a prophet. I thought I was a comedian.

OBAMA: You thought you were a comedian. But now you’re– you couldn’t make up some of the stuff that you’re seeing. And it is to the detriment of the country, but as you said, it’s also– it runs contrary to what would have been smart politics if, you know, the Republicans wanted to maintain the White House. And that in some ways is more troubling because now it’s no longer even strategic. It is– you’re drinking your own Kool-Aid in a way that I think is troublesome. And one of the big challenges that Joe Biden is going to have is to figure out how to puncture that, you know, information bubble that– not just Republican officials, but a sizable portion of voters are in right now.

Translation: people who think differently need to be re-educated by old Joe.

Colbert also said that seeing Obama sit with Trump as Trump took office gave him a “chilling” emotional premonition of the horrible things that were to come. Colbert asked Obama if he had the same concerns and if they were borne out. Obama replied yes, and that it “exceeded” his concerns.


Very unifying, right? This guy such insufferable, divisive person. But the media is cool with it, because it’s Obama and Democrats.


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