Barack Obama Slow Jams Some Bigotry to Trash Hispanic Trump Voters

Democratic National Convention via AP

I’m assured by our stalwart media that Barack Obama is an amazingly unifying figure. Because when I think of unity, I think of a guy who relentlessly divided the country into sub-groups in order to achieve his chosen political ends. You see, unity isn’t really about unity in Washington. It’s more about saying things in a tone the elite approve of. Obama fit that mold perfectly so the media and the establishment swooned over him as a result.


It was all a mirage though. In reality, the former president was a deeply divisive figure whose record of offensive, demeaning remarks is a mile long. Today, Obama decided to add to it with this insulting, bigoted garbage.

You’ve all let him down again. When will we stopping disappointing Obama’s sensibilities? I mean, how dare you hold religious views that held guide your voting?

Let’s note that this statement by Obama is highly bigoted, brushing aside the deeply held beliefs of Hispanics as trivial and asserting that their race should otherwise not allow them to vote for a Republican. To state the obvious, if Donald Trump had made this statement, CNN would be gnashing their teeth as we speak about his deeply held racist beliefs. But because it’s Obama, it’s treated as not only acceptable, but intellectually elevated discourse.


Also, let’s remember that it was Obama who built and first used the “cages” at ICE facilities that hold those “undocumented workers” he mentions.

Regardless, there’s not even any evidence of what Obama is saying. In fact, evangelical Hispanics voted overwhelming for Obama himself in 2012. The idea that they turned to Trump simply because they are silly Christians doesn’t exactly wash. But bashing Christianity comes second nature to this guy.

The reality of the shift by Hispanics toward Republicans (and Trump in particular) is much simpler. It doesn’t even require accusing people of being dumb homophobes. Like most every other demographic, many Hispanics value a good economy and aren’t fans of illegal immigration. Obama can’t admit that because it would then be a direct inditement of his policies as president.


But it’s easier to just trash your opponents and act as if they are bigoted simpletons instead. That’s the path Obama took here, and it’s the path Democrats routinely take. That’s how our political discourse dropped the level it’s now at. It wasn’t Trump that did caused that decline. He was just the response to it.

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