Trump Authorizes Transition Monies, and What He Says Shows How Much He Cares About America

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

President Donald Trump really wants to be president and continue to serve.

But he also knows that the battle underway is contentious.

So it says a lot about him what he just did.

Democrats and anti-Trump people have been threatening the GSA head Emily Murphy for the past two weeks, demanding that she authorize the transition to Joe Biden, claiming that he is the president-elect despite the ongoing legal challenges in the case and that there have been no official determination yet by the Electoral College.

Murphy just released a letter saying that she was going to go ahead with authorizing transition monies and resources for Biden despite the fact that she was not recognizing him as the winner yet by the Constitutional process. As she noted, that is not up to her in any event. She also mentioned the threats against her, her family, her staff and even her pets. That of course was not going to make the Democrats happy that she dared to hold back and also that she mentioned their threats against her.

So one might wonder what President Donald Trump thought of her actions? You know, the man who leftists claim would have to be dragged out of the White House if he lost.

Trump made it clear he authorized her to cut the monies so there could be no doubt that nothing was hurt during a transition, so there would be no harm to the country by any delay, although he intended to continue his battle in the courts over the election.

That says a tremendous amount about the man and the way both sides have reacted also is very revealing.

Trump really didn’t have to authorize it until the Electoral College decided but he put America first to ensure the best for the country. It’s also clear he wants to protect his employees and remove them from the eye of the storm.

Democrats threatened a woman and her family to demand they be given power as soon as possible, even before officially declared by law.

So wait, tell me again, who is it that is breaking norms here? Who is it that is putting the country in danger?

Hint: it isn’t Trump.

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