Dems Threaten GSA Head to Force Transition for Biden, She's Now Greenlighted Transition Monies With a Big 'But'

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Republicans really need to get their act together and start condemning the things that are happening now.

The right is literally being threatened by the left into caving on election issues, to force what the left wants to be done.


Unless Republicans in authority apart from President Donald Trump start calling this out, we’re going to be in very deep trouble.

There has been some drama going on behind the scenes, with the GSA head Emily Murphy not okaying the transition for Joe Biden because of course he hasn’t been determined to be president-elect yet.

But that has infuriated the Democrats and for the last two weeks, Murphy has been targeted on social media for harassment.

We’ve seen how this has really been a scary degeneration by Democrats to get what they want by threats. We saw it in the case of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers, where the GOP members were basically threatened into certifying the election.

Now after two weeks of constant organized harassment by Democratic groups and threats that are visible all over Twitter (not stopped in any way by Jack or the powers that be), Murphy has decided to cut resources to Joe Biden for the transition.

In a letter to Biden she outlines her decision, also noting in the letter how her life has been threatened because of this, that people have threatened her, her family, her staff and even her pets to force her to begin the transition.


But there’s a big “but” in the process.

While Murphy is cutting loose some funds or resources for Biden, she is not recognizing him as the president-elect.

While she says she is cutting loose the millions of dollars involved, she says she is not making the determination that he is president-elect which really isn’t up to her anyway, that that decision is still to be determined by the Constitutional process.

This way they can’t say she’s delaying any process but she’s also not recognizing him because the Constitutional process is ongoing.

This of course will continue to infuriate Democrats because they’re still not getting completely what they want.


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