Wayne County Election Officials Flip Decision Not to Certify, Here's Some of the Unhinged Harassment They Faced

We reported yesterday how Wayne County, Michigan canvassers refused to certify the vote after finding irregularities including the number of people checking in to vote not matching the total ballots recorded.


The two Republican officials on the Board of Canvassers, William Hartmann and Monica Palmer, initially voted not to certify and the two Democratic officials voted to certify. That basically meant not enough votes to certify.

According to the Detroit News:

The board’s votes came after absentee ballot poll books at 70% of Detroit’s 134 absentee counting boards were found to be out of balance without explanation. The mismatches varied anywhere from one to more than four votes.

Now as a practical matter, the Democratic Secretary of State said they weren’t going to leave it at that, that the state would be reviewing and likely certify at a later point.

But folks on the left went absolutely crazy in response, responding in the meeting of the canvassers and then targeting the two Republican officials on social media.

Here’s a sample of some of the vitriol they faced.

Here’s one absolutely unhinged rant from Ned Staebler during the meeting, accusing the two of being racist and basically saying they were going to find it “warm” when they went to meet their maker. Despite what it says in the tweet, he isn’t on the Board.


His unhinged rant was treated as heroic by the left and he was cheered on by the left on social media.

While that was unhinged, it got worse.

Correct the Media also has a video where in the meeting, a Democratic organizer and the representative elect for Michigan identified what area Palmer lived in and mentioned the high school where her children “probably go to school.” We’re not including the video so as not to further put that out there. But that’s shameful.

So it was perhaps not surprising that thereafter the two GOP members then agreed to flip and agree to certify.

Now as we reported, they only agreed to certify after there was an agreement to ask for an audit from the state to determine the problems with the irregularities. Which might actually reveal more as the Georgia recount and audit has, giving more votes to President Donald Trump. But it would be then in the hands of the Democratic Secretary of State so one has to wonder if it would actually address the issues.


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