Wayne County, Michigan Refused to Certify Election Because of Irregularities, Leftists Flipped Out

Matt Finn

We already heard good news out of Georgia today, indicating still more votes were found for President Donald Trump. But it also raised the problem of why are there so many problems with the votes still being found and how many more haven’t we found yet?


Now there’s more news, this time out of Wayne County, Michigan. And it’s sending the left into a frenzy.

According to the Detroit News, the Wayne County Board of Canvassers deadlocked 2-2 Tuesday along party lines on whether to certify the Nov.3. election results, thereby not certifying the election results.

The reason they did so was because the absentee ballot poll books of 70% of Detroit’s absentee counting boards were discovered to be out of balance, and there was no explanation for the why.

Republicans celebrated the decision as caring about transparency and truth, Democrats flipped out claiming the objections were politics.

Chairwoman Monica Palmer, a Republican, said based on what she saw and found in the poll books, “I believe that we do not have complete and accurate information in those poll books.”

But the Democratic Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said that the state would step in.

Democrats like Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) blamed, what else, racism for the decision by Republicans while Republican John James said Republicans were just calling for free and fair elections that could be trusted.

“The Republican members of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers put politics above their duty to our residents,” Tlaib tweeted Tuesday. “Suggesting that all of Wayne County can be certified, EXCEPT for Detroit, is horrifying racist and a subversion of our democracy.”

Biden won Detroit 93.5%-5% over Trump, who still received almost 6,000 more votes this year in Michigan’s largest city than in 2016.

Republican U.S. Senate candidate John James, who lost to incumbent Democratic Sen. Gary Peters by 1.5 percentage points or 83,100 votes, lauded the actions of the board of canvassers for confronting “inconvenient truths” about alleged irregularities during the vote counting process.

“We will continue to investigate all issues pertaining to the election and work to ensure that the bedrock of our democracy — free and fair elections — are protected,” said James, who has refused to concede to Peters. “We must restore public trust in elections by undertaking a careful and thorough review of the process.”


We saw how that type of irregularity in Georgia was checked and led to more votes for President Donald Trump.

But it looks like leftists didn’t want to allow that to happen in Michigan.

In the last few minutes, word comes that the GOP has agreed to certify the results if the state agrees to do an audit of the irregularities. This after people on the left on social media apparently doxxed the two Republican members and sent them their “concerns” (translation: threatened them).

This is scary stuff, people. This is the second time that the left has now interfered in the effort to get transparency by threatening people. Some of Trump lawyers have withdrawn from the his campaign’s defense after threats encouraged against them on social media. Folks like the Lincoln Project put a target on the back of the lawyers and encouraged people to contact them.

Now in the end, an audit may actually turn out to be better, assuming that the state does a real audit. Because they were just going to go around the Republican vote anyway and certify it anyway. This way they are actually going to have to explain the irregularities.



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