Man Tries to Grab Trump Flag From His Car, But Then Instant Karma Strikes

AP Photo/Charlie Riedel

I wrote an earlier feel good story that CNN might be sold, because AT&T was in financial trouble, and posited what a great idea it would be if President Donald Trump were to buy it and completely change the network, if he did not prevail ultimately in the election.


But we have another feel good story that just says so much about what Trump Derangement Syndrome can lead Biden supporters to do and how karma can bite back.

Trump supporters were out in force this weekend, supporting Trump and supporting the concerns being raised about the election.

But one man driving by in a car didn’t take kindly to one man who was holding a Trump banner. He allegedly tried to grab the banner and then spit on the man holding it. But talk about instant karma when he tried to speed away.

Now that’s great! Couldn’t be more deserving.

The man found out what “all that hate” leads to. Then with perfect timing the police rolled right up to deal with the guy. Needless to say all the Trump folks were having a fabulous time laughing at what was happening to the guy although one did say it was unfortunate what happened to the car. The man’s going to have a big bill for the front of that car. Sure looks like reckless driving to me! And it looks like maybe he learned a lesson from what he did as well, which is perhaps the best thing of all. Had this been a Trump person running into the light pole, he likely would have been pulled out of his car and beaten by the left. Notice how that didn’t happen with the Trump people.



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