Laura Ingraham: Talk About Irregularity, Who Cast Nahshon Garrett's Ballot In Arizona?

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There have been a lot of questions raised around voter irregularities in the 2020 election.

Yet despite clear and provable issues such as transposing votes from President Donald Trump to Joe Biden (Michigan) and dead people allegedly voting, Democrats and media have tried to downplay each issue, claiming “fraud is rare.”


It’s much more common than they claim. It also doesn’t mean improprieties and irregularities don’t also exist that can cost candidates votes.

So today’s example for the “fraud doesn’t exist” folks, I give you the story of Nahshon Garrett.

Garrett moved to Tennessee over a year ago from Maricopa County in Arizona to train for the Olympics. Garrett is a world class wrestler. He voted in person in Tennessee in October.

But he was surprised when he got a call from someone called the Voter Integrity Fund saying that someone had cast a ballot in the name of Nahshon Garrett in Arizona. Garrett went to the Secretary of State’s website to check and saw that his ballot had been accepted and his signature certified in Arizona when he never received a ballot for Arizona, never filled one out and certainly never sent it in.

Garrett went on Fox with Laura Ingraham because he said he wanted to figure out who had voted in his name. That was an obvious irregularity/fraud.

You can see the full interview here.

Garrett said while mainstream media is claiming there isn’t any, obviously in his case there was. “Wrestling teaches integrity and that’s what I hope to keep pushing for in our country’s elections,” Garrett said.


How was his signature verified if he didn’t sign it? He said he looked up it was verified by four officials. Either they didn’t look at it, there was bad machine verification or the fraud was someone who knew his signature/connection to the board of elections.

His wasn’t the only instance like this. As we previously reported, a Nevada widower was shocked to discover that his wife who had died in 2017 of breast cancer also appears to have voted, despite the fact that they never received a ballot at their house. Her signature was also “verified.”

So it raises the question just exactly what was going on and how many of these cases there are, since these don’t just suggest a mistake but an outright fraud? If someone is going to the trouble of casting fraudulent votes as Ingraham said, it’s likely that they aren’t restricting it just to one vote, that this is indicative of a greater issue. This is why you have to track down what went on in such cases to determine how widespread this is.


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