Dead Person Voting in Nevada May Be Evidence of a More Systemic Issue

AP Photo/John Locher

There have been a lot of allegations of voter fraud and irregularities across the states currently being contested in the election.

But one of them, in Clark County, Nevada seems pretty hard to argue away, and it may be the sign of a much wider fraud.


Rosemarie Hartle voted in the 2020 election. But there was a small problem with that. Rosemarie Hartle died in 2017 of breast cancer, as her husband Kirk explained. The records show that the ballot was sent October 9 and returned the day before Election Day. Kirk Hartle explained that it never came to their house and he never returned it. Even more troubling? Nevada officials say that her signature on the ballot is a match to the one they have on record.

So why is this possibly indicative of a wider fraud? Hartle never got the ballot, yet it was returned with her signature matching the records. So you had to have someone not only have access to the ballot without it reaching her house and also have access to her signature. Who do you think that points to? I don’t know about you, but that screams someone in the board of elections. And if so, then does anyone really think that they are restricting it to only one person? This is one of the people they found. But having that signature match is a real red flag, potentially, for a deeper problem. Either that or if they are using a machine to match the signatures, it’s obviously not working which then calls into question whether it appropriately verified other ballots.


The GOP are also challenging ballots of people who may not have properly lived in Nevada at the time their ballots were cast.

Everyone, Democrat or Republican should care about this. Because it isn’t only about President Donald Trump and Joe Biden. It’s about ever being able to have confidence in our elections and preventing such fraud. We should all want transparency on the subject.


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