Republicans Gain Even More Seats in the House With Burgess Owens Winning and More to Come

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There’s obviously been a lot of attention to the presidential race and all the questions surrounding it since Election Day.

But there’s another drama that’s been rolling out without as much attention. That’s the steady gains that the Republicans have been making in flipping even more house seats since then.


As we noted, Fox News made a very bad call in claiming on election night that the Democrats would hold the House and pick up five seats. They later admitted that this was in error, although they didn’t apologize for the call while some polls were still open on the West Coast and didn’t explain how they came by that projection which was so grievously off.

As my colleague Jennifer Oliver O’Connell reported last night, Young Kim helped Republicans pick up another seat in California. Kim got a little revenge after ‘losing’ in 2018 despite leading on Election Night then facing ballot harvesting in the subsequent days.

But on top of that, Utah also was decided for former NFL star Burgess Owens, making it 12 seats that the Republicans have so far flipped with Republicans also leading in most of the six races yet to be decided.


That of course raises the question: how could there have been such a red wave in the House, such enthusiasm for the president and not for Joe Biden, and Biden get more votes?

Burgess Owens let Joe Biden have it too, after Biden made a remark about America being “back” and “back in the game” when talking to foreign leaders.

Great point and one of the many achievements of the president which media has largely ignored. Not only not getting us involved in new wars, but helping to bring more peace to the Middle East with new peace agreements that helped to isolate bad actor Iran. With Obama/Biden that was never possible because of how they coddled Iran and kept the mullahs in power with pallets of cash. Trump also defeated ISIS after Obama/Biden failed to stop them, despite being warned that they needed to do something in 2014. Thousands are dead who would not have been because of the Obama/Biden failure to adequately address the problem. Not to mention that even Obama Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said Biden was wrong on every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.


Can we also say what is Joe Biden doing talking to foreign leaders and trying to undermine the president with such comments? Can we say Logan Act? Isn’t that what he himself tried to falsely accuse National Security Advisor Michael Flynn of doing, according to reports?

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