Biden Proposed 'Chief of Staff' Is Guy Who Confessed They Were Wrong About Everything in Prior Pandemic, Was Wrong Again On This One

Joe Biden is rushing ahead with planning a transition despite the fact that he isn’t the president elect, the votes are still being counted and the legal challenges are underway.


But the man who he picked for Chief of Staff says a lot about how problematic Biden would be if he actually got in. My colleague Sister Toldjah touched on some of his problems yesterday, but I wanted to note a few more issues.

The man he picked, Ron Klain, was Barack Obama’s “Ebola Czar” and the man Biden picked to advise him on the coronavirus. Klain is not a medical person, he’s a Democratic operative. That tells you a lot right there.

But he’s also the guy who inadvertently pointed out how much worse it would have been if Joe Biden had been in charge when the virus hit instead of President Donald Trump.

Remember back to the beginning of this year when the virus was first discovered here. Immediately, in January, Donald Trump activated the CDC, declared a public health emergency, formed a task force to deal with the virus and cut travel with China. The measures likely saved countless lives.

But what was the position of Joe Biden? After Trump cut travel with China, Biden accused Trump of “hysterical xenophobia.” When Trump later cut travel with Europe, Biden still couldn’t get on board, even in March. Biden didn’t agree that it was a good idea to cut people traveling here from infected areas until April 2. Imagine if we had actually waited that long to cut travel? Millions more would have been sick.


But part of that was likely the advice of his “coronavirus advisor” Ron Klain.

On January 27, Ron Klain praised China and on Jan. 28, he said he wouldn’t cut off travel with China, that it was “premature.” He was essentially taking the same position as China. Fortunately Trump was in charge and did cut the travel.

Klain said in February about the virus that there was more to fear from prejudice about the virus than the virus itself.


Of course, it was largely New York’s failure to take it seriously and Bill de Blasio’s failure that helped the virus to spread and then spread to the rest of the country, exactly because of such attitudes evinced by De Blasio and Klain.

To them and to other Democrats in February, that was the attitude they took, some even into March, encouraging people to go out and mingle as normal. De Blasio encouraged people to ride the subway on March 5. Biden went to a packed autoworker plant in Michigan on March 10, no mask or PPE in sight and infamously got into a verbal fight with an autoworker there, sticking his finger in the man’s face.

Yet, these are the very same people who were pooh poohing the virus in February and March while Trump was addressing it that then turned around and accused Trump of “doing nothing,” a true case of projection.

But on top of all that was what Ron Klain said about how the Obama/Biden administration dealt with the H1N1 pandemic when it hit. He observed that they literally did “everything wrong” and let 60 million people get it. The only saving grace, he said, was the low level of lethality of H1N1.


Exactly. God help us if they were in charge when the Wuhan coronavirus hit, they would have made every dumb move in the book out of fear of “racism,” not antagonizing China or the WHO. Not only that, they never would have empowered the private sector to get to the level of testing as quickly as Trump did or to push the PPE and the vaccine as fast because employing the private sector would have been against their nature.


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