Trump Shows Where His Head Is at When He Drops in on a Wedding

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

I have to admit to feeling a variety of things this weekend with the counting still going on and the media declaring the race for Joe Biden.

Likely along with 71 plus million other people, feeling disturbed about it has all gone down. But also feeling cheated not just over what’s going on with the votes, but with how the Democrats and the media have tried to undermine and shut down the Trump presidency from the start and diminish all that he has in fact accomplished. The American public was never allowed to view Trump through a fair lens. It’s hard not to think that that constant unfair attack didn’t have some affect.


I wondered after all the effort that Trump has put in, how he’s fought, how he’s laid it all out there, how is he feeling about it all?

So I admit to feeling heartened by the following video and wanting to share it with you because it to me is a testament to Trump’s fortitude and reaching out to people, even in what is a challenging moment.

Trump went to the golf course at his club on Saturday and while there, folks at a wedding there asked him to take pictures with the bride and the bridesmaids. He was incredibly gracious, gave them a big thumbs up, was full of smiles and wished them a “great life” and called it “beautiful.” He also made sure to walk over and greet some of the other guests at the wedding.

The attendees were thrilled, told him “we love you” and encouraged him “not to give up.” He indicated he would not, waving a fist in response. He later released a statement saying that he would fight on “until the American People have the honest vote count they deserve and that Democracy demands.”

That’s Trump. Mitt Romney folded over like a cheap camera in the battle with Barack Obama and immediately congratulated Joe Biden yesterday, despite the count still going on. Unlike Mitt Romney or other Republicans who have folded up in the face of the Democrats, Trump always forges through. That’s what 71 million Americans see and that’s what they wanted going forward.


Whatever happens in the future, Trump will have achieved things no other president even dared to attempt from peace agreements to immigration, from the greatest economy to criminal justice reform. He defeated ISIS and kept us out of another war. He brought balance back to the federal courts, appointing Constitutionalist federal judges.

But perhaps more than that he has fought for America and the American people. He has stood in the gap preventing the further movement left of government, preventing Democrats from further damaging America.

Hopefully, he’s able to continue to do so.

But it’s on all of us to keep up that fight and to “never give up.”


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