Biden Tells a Bold-Faced Lie in Texas, Then Tops It Off With a Whopper of a Gaffe

We’re now a week out from Election Day.

It seems like Joe Biden is doing as little as he possibly can to limit his exposure to the media who might ask him about the influence peddling/laptop scandal.


But even with that, the few interviews he has done are not good.

As my colleague Sister Toldjah reported earlier, there was this one where Biden did his best to spin why he was’t getting out there, saying he would be later this week. Notice how snippy he gets when he’s challenged about what he’s doing.

Now, he’s claiming that he never said that he wanted to transition from the oil industry. Does he think that we couldn’t tell what he said and that there isn’t video on it? This is Biden during an interview with NBC 5 DFW, just out and out lying to help spin his cause in Texas and other energy states, claiming he was just talking about doing away with oil subsidies. But of course, the GOP spokesperson, Liz Harrington, has the video.

But what would Joe be without another gaffe, in addition to the constant lying?


Biden also responded to a question about the type of effort that his campaign was making in the state during the final week of campaigning.

He was talking about himself and his running mate, Kamala Harris and his wife Jill. But confused Joe also spoke of “Doug Emhoff, Kamala’s wife.”

From Daily Wire:

“Well, we put a major effort into Texas to begin with—eight days to go, uh, and, uh—the Lone Star State has a shot of becoming blue again,” Biden said. “You know, uh, we have 17 battleground states across the country and we’re not losing focus on securing, uh, uh, the many pathways to 270.”

“But my wife Jill, as you know, and Doug Emhoff, uh, Kamala’s wife, are there,” Biden continued.

Now, I get that leftists seem to have a trouble with the science of who is a man and who is a woman, but this is pretty bad.

After Biden forgot President Donald Trump’s name and referred to him as “George” twice the other day when talking about serving four more years, media tried to spin it that he was talking to George Lopez, who was the interviewer.


How can anyone elect this man to be president? No wonder so many people wanted to change their vote after the final debate, because they’re finally getting what a train wreck this guy is, both ethically with the scandal and the lying, as well as mentally with the decline.

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