'Undecided' Focus Group Gives Devastating Answers for Biden on Hunter and How They'd Vote

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As we reported after the debate, it seemed pretty clear that President Donald Trump had cleaned Joe Biden’s clock during the debate.

This seemed to be the general takeaway from most of the polls on the debate and as we noted, you could literally see from the dour faces at CNN who won.


But of course, most of us have already made up our minds for whom we are voting. But what would people who are really undecided think of that debate? Assuming there are really still undecided people left?

Because in the final analysis, it’s how the undecideds or independents go at the end that might decide this election.

Frank Luntz had a focus group of undecided people watching the debate.

The comments made were quite interesting. Many felt that the media had not been asking enough of the right questions about things with which voters were concerned. Boy, you can say that again!


One of the things that was a big question was how would the people take in all the new information about the Biden scandal? Would that influence their vote? Would it mean anything to Americans?

The answer, at least according to the focus group was that it mattered. Big time. For some, it helped make up their minds.

One noted that Biden kept refusing to answer the questions about Hunter. Another said how concerning it was that the media didn’t seem interested in asking the questions about it, that indeed they tried to suppress it. A third said that everyone knew if it was Trump, the media would be all over it. Meanwhile as they spoke, others among the group were nodding in agreement.

Every single one of the focus group said Trump would be better for the economy. That’s a stunning thing, given that virtually always when people go to pull the lever, that’s the deciding piece for people most of the time.


For this group, it no doubt was a huge part as well. When Luntz asked ultimately, if the election were held today, who would they be voting for, most of them said Trump, with many again noting what Trump had done for the economy and the lack of confidence in Biden because of a lack of specifics as well as a concern about age and who really would be governing.

You can see the vote starting at 1:18:25.


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