Lindsey Graham Dunks All Over Two Leftists Who Try to Harass Him on Amy Coney Barrett

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Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., an ally of President Donald Trump, leaves the Senate after voting to confirm William Barr to be attorney general, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Feb. 14, 2019. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)


Democratic activists haven’t been able to go after Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett in the same way they tried to destroy Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

They can’t pull the sexist sexual harasser card that they tried with Kavanaugh and all the protester antics they pulled out then. They’ve been kind of at a loss at how to attack her. So they’ve pulled out rather ridiculous attacks ranging from attacking her religious belief to the fact that she adopted black children as though that’s somehow a bad thing. That’s fallen kind of flat, with the majority of Americans now saying they want Barrett confirmed.

Once they saw her, most Americans realized the Democrats’ blathering was just nuts.

But radical activists still haven’t given up quite yet.

Two women tried to harass Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Lindsey Graham at Ronald Reagan National Airport because of his support for Barrett.


Graham asks one of the women where she’s from and she says Seattle, but then says she isn’t going to talk to anyone like him (as she talks to him).

Graham points out how messed up Seattle has been because of radical leftists, much like these two harassers. “I think Seattle is a good example of how things have gotten out of control,” he said.

One of the women claimed that Barrett wanted to take away her daughter’s rights and, insanely, that Barrett was a racist. “You’re going to take her rights away by voting for a woman who’s a racist?” she asked.

Of course, there hasn’t been any evidence at all that Barrett is a racist. But the left has been so vile they even have leveled attacks over her black children that don’t even make any sense. According to some on the left, adopting a black child somehow makes you a “white colonizer,” that’s how perverse they’ve become. Barrett called out the people who pushed such a narrative as “so hurtful to her family.” and “offensive” to her and her children.


Graham disappointed the women, dunking on them saying he intended to “enthusiastically support Judge Barrett” because “she is highly qualified.”

He then posted the video calling the left “hostile & unhinged.” “I won’t be intimidated,” he said. “I can’t wait to #FillTheSeat.”

Good for Graham. So far, it looks like they will fail in their efforts to head off Barrett. It’s been Graham who helped get Kavanaugh through and will help get Barrett past the screaming hyenas like this.


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