Dems Have New Talking Points on 'Court Packing' to Help Joe Biden, but Even Jake Tapper Blasts the Effort

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks after touring International Union of Operating Engineers Local 66, Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2020, in New Alexandria, Pa. Biden is on a train tour through Ohio and Pennsylvania today. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Democrats must really think Americans are stupid.

Because their latest spin to protect Joe Biden is really something else.

Biden has been ducking and dodging the question of whether he would pack the Supreme Court if he won the election and if Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed to the Court.

He even had the nerve to say that the American people didn’t “deserve” to know. That raised a lot of eyebrows and finally got Biden some blowback on the subject.

But now the Democrats have coalesced around a new talking point: that it’s really the Republicans who are doing something “unconstitutional” and somehow “court packing.”

Even Jake Tapper called out Joe Biden, noting it’s explicitly constitutional.

As far as the Democrats ‘will of the people,’ the president has been elected the president for four years and the Senate has been elected as well. They are operating on “the will of the people.” “They elected the Senate,” Tapper says, calling out Biden’s spokesperson for her lame argument. She smiles in response, knowing he’s defeated her argument.


This is actually a really offensive argument — if we don’t like what the Constitution says, we’re going to run over with a poll — is basically what she’s arguing. That on top of packing is a window into what Democrats think, and it’s a truly dangerous thought, for all Americans.

Once again, Biden or his people refused to answer the question when pushed by Tapper.

Suddenly the memo went out to Democrats and their allies in media to say that the GOP is somehow “court packing” by filling the vacancy with Barrett and/or Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) doing his advise and consent responsibility in the Senate.

Sen. Chris Coons claimed that nominating Barrett “constitutes court-packing.”


Funny how they all started parroting the same argument within a few hours of each other.

This is truly an Orwellian spin. Court packing has a specific meaning and it doesn’t mean filling, or not filling, seats in accordance with the Senate’s constitutional responsibility. It specifically means adding seats to the Supreme Court to make it more fit your political will.

They really are insulting the intelligence of Americans.

Once again, it reveals media bending over backwards to advance the Democratic agenda. Apparently Jake Tapper didn’t get the memo, so he responded with sense.

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) blasted the Democrats’ effort.

“What they’re really talking about is the suicide bombing two branches of government,” Sasse added, noting that if Senate Democrats — should they get a majority and Joe Biden be elected president — were to attempt to pack the Supreme Court they would likely have to do away with the legislative filibuster as well.


Democrats pushed the claim it was Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s alleged final wish to have a new President appoint her replacement. But they don’t care about her actual words, decrying not filling vacancies. Why don’t they listen to what she said, decrying Democrats talking about court packing?

It meant something to her to preserve the integrity of the Court and she specifically blasted Democrats for this kind of an effort. So do they really care about RBG or the Supreme Court? Or do they just care about their own power? I think we know the answer when Biden wouldn’t answer the question.

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