The Biggest Hypocrite Attacking Trump Over Masks Is Joe Biden as These Pics Show

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at Amtrak’s Pittsburgh Train Station, Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2020, in Pittsburgh. Biden is on a train tour through Ohio and Pennsylvania today. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Media is having a nonsensical meltdown because President Donald Trump dared to take off his mask after he got home from the hospital out on the balcony when there was no one around him.

As we reported, that caused media insanity, like Jennifer Rubin going on a wild rant and calling for the defunding of Walter Reed. There were also the attacks from CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Kaitlan Collins, both of whom are complete hypocrites when it comes to quarantine and/or masks.

So now we bring you another complete hypocrite from the “masks for thee but not for me” brigade.

Here’s Joe Biden chiding the president for taking off his mask at home, with the incredibly preachy, “Masks Matter, They Save lives.”

Actually cutting travel with China and Europe “saved lives” but Biden wasn’t in favor of that when Trump did it and potentially saved hundreds of thousands of lives. He didn’t even indicate he was in favor of it until April 2. Under a Biden administration, that would have meant thousands of people would have come in from abroad because Biden didn’t want to be “racist.”

But let’s take a look at Joe Biden and his mask wearing.

Here’s Joe Biden and Anderson Cooper not mask wearing and not social distancing when they think that the camera has cut away on September 17. Biden even goes up to whisper in Cooper’s ear.


After the town hall:

September 30:

Come on, man! Putting people at far more risk than Trump taking off his mask in his home without anyone near him.

So will the media call out Biden for preaching about masks while doing things like this? Well, we know the answer about that already as he was making comments about masks at these various events and but then none of them busted him over these shots.

Bottom line? It’s all about narrative against Trump, not about reality. They don’t care about him violating his own said dictates.


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