BLM Supporter Allegedly Drives Car Into Trump Supporters, Injuring Two, Driver Charged With Attempted Murder

AP Photo/Noah Berger

BLM protesters and Trump supporter counter-protesters were out in Yorba Linda on Saturday. Among the BLM folks were RevCom and Caravan for Justice people.

At one point, there were some from both sides in the same parking lot at the Yorba Linda Public Library.

Trump supporters were taking a picture of the license plate of a white car sitting in the parking lot with a BLM supporter at the wheel. Then the BLM person, apparently without provocation, drove right into the people in front of the car, with some force.

So, unlike the BLM situation, where it’s a driver trying to creep through a hostile crowd, this person appeared to try to hit the people in a parking lot and did, injuring at least two people.

Police stopped the driver down the road and detained her.

The police identified the driver as Tatiana Turner. Turner was arrested for attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon.

The police said the two people hit had “major injuries” but were expected to survive.

This was one of the injured people who reportedly had an injured leg.

Trump supporters thanked police for arresting the person.

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