Watch: Antifa Assault Media, Then Attack Car With Fellow 'Protester' and Dog Inside

Watch: Antifa Assault Media, Then Attack Car With Fellow 'Protester' and Dog Inside
AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus

Antifa folks were out in force in Philadelphia to take on a reported Proud Boys rally in West Philly, in Clark Park.

But there were no Proud Boys around. Antifa must have gotten their signals crossed, not a big surprise.

But they came ready for a brawl and were denied a target. So they reportedly tried to take on the media that was in the area.

They started going after independent journalists, James Klug and Lisa Reynolds Barbounis, according to the Post Millennial.

They attacked Barbounis, pulling her hair.

They also assaulted Klug and stole his sign.

Antifa also went after another person who they assumed to be a Trump supporter but who reportedly was one of them. They chased him and tried to jump kick him, missing horribly.

The guy makes it to his car and he has a dog inside the car. But then Antifa folks attack the car with hammers, clearly frightening the dog and no doubt the man.

These people are maniacs and they’re lucky the dog didn’t jump out and bite them, for which I wouldn’t have blamed him at all. All of these people need to be locked up and folks denying the existence of Antifa as an organization have to ask themselves: how did hundreds of these folks in black bloc show up in Philly all at the same time, there, ready to attack people?

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