Joe Biden Finally Takes Questions from Media, It Doesn't End Well

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden scratches his face as he speaks at a campaign event at Mill 19 in Pittsburgh, Pa., Monday, Aug. 31, 2020. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Joe Biden has been hiding in his basement for months.

He managed to struggle through a speech at the Democratic convention with the help of a teleprompter.

But since then, he wasn’t even able to get it together for a simple 12 minute speech in Pittsburgh, again with no audience and reading off a teleprompter, not even taking any questions.

Today they made a big mistake and let him answer questions and it was a complete mess.

First, he had his staff filter what questions to take. 

Could it be scripted questions and answers?

That’s clearly what was going on in an interview that he had earlier, as my colleague Bonchie reported.

So it’s perfectly reasonable that could be going on here.

But then it went down hill from that opening.

He didn’t take that many questions. But even the ones that his staff took, he had difficulty with.

There was this word salad which I guess was about President Donald Trump but it was garbled at best.


Then there was this one where he’s asked if he thinks that the officers who shot Jacob Blake and Breonna Taylor should be charged. He actually says Taylor should be charged.

No, no president or Vice President should be interfering in the investigation by saying they should or shouldn’t be charged. Candidates used to know that.

Then his description of the shooting of Trump supporter Aaron Danielson is indefensibly wrong and slanderous, seemingly blaming him for shooting at people when no such thing happened.

But as he was leaving, he made a mistake and took a real question from Fox’s Peter Doocy, who asked that if he claimed he was warning Trump about the pandemic in January why was he still holding crowded events in March? Biden then went into a deflection rant non-answer.


He claimed he was telling Trump to invoke the DPA, but actually Trump invoked it before Biden ever talked about it and Biden didn’t seem to ever understand that, he just kept repeating Trump should invoke it, despite the fact that Trump had.

“Don’t wait” to talk about the need for masks? In March, Biden was still staging events where people weren’t practicing any social distancing or wearing any masks.

Remember when Joe threatened this autoworker, called him a horse’s ass, said her was full of sh*t and wanted to take him outside?

That was March 10.

“I can’t remember” when it was that he talked to Trump, Biden said. It wasn’t March, it was April, after Trump had already come up with the guidance on stopping the spread. Once again, he was late, talking about things that Trump was already doing.

The bottom line was Democrats including Biden in January were downplaying the virus way into March, he even termed Trump’s reaction to China which included cutting off travel as “hysterical xenophobia.” Biden couldn’t even agree publicly that travel should be cut with China until April 2. Trump did it in January. Trump declared a public health emergency in January and created the task force in January.

Biden then went on to say that the Trump policies were “reducing the number of people who are in real trouble economically”. Yes, that’s right! Thanks, Joe!


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