BLM Surrounding Cars and Intimidating People In D.C.

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Black Lives Matter activists accost a woman in Washington D.C. while she is eating dinner.

A lot of the BLM/Antifa folks from all around the country have flooded into Washington, D.C. over the past couple of days for the Republican convention to cause trouble and the March on Washington.


We saw some of the action last night, when they assaulted people in the streets and harassed people leaving the Republican convention, including Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and his wife, Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones and Rep. Brian Mast.

There was a whole lot of craziness as we reported and Rand Paul hit back calling for a federal investigation into people coming in from out of state to incite riots.

They’re already actively at it on the streets in D.C.

They had a D.J., very few masks, and the few there were were worn incorrectly, and talk about being packed together like sardines and no social distancing. But it’s cool because the virus skips BLM protests.

They blocked the 395, both ways.


But then they began doing that thing that’s going to get more of them shot, surrounding cars, and trying to intimidate people.

They were glorying in blocking and tormenting this poor guy who just wanted to go home.

They get off on the power they think they have by making him scared. They’re so empty and twisted in their own lives this is how they have a sense of having any control.

They also went after a cop in a car. Warning for language.

This is not going to end well for them again if they keep doing this stuff.



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