BLM Rioters in Kenosha Ripped Down a Dinosaur; Damaged Library, School, Church, Even the USPS

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Burned out vehicles are seen Monday, Aug. 24, 2020, in Kenosha, Wis. Many of the cars were set on fire during protests Sunday night after a police shooting in the city. (AP Photo/Morry Gash)

We brought you a little bit of the mayhem and the aftermath of the rioting in Kenosha, Wisconsin last night.

But I wanted to point out a few more things that the rioters took out. Because obviously they’re evil things, if the BLM folks ripped them down, right?

I mentioned about how they destroyed the public library because God knows, learning isn’t a good thing, you might understand why you shouldn’t be a socialist or a Communist.

Rioters ripped down a statue. It was a dinosaur outside the Dinosaur Discovery Museum. But it was probably a Confederate, right?

Here was the statue in happier times.

Because science, right?

Here he is now, ripped out of his moorings.


In addition to the library and the museum, they also hit a charter school to deprive kids of an education, “a law firm, the USPS building and the county register of deeds,” according to the Journal-Sentinel.

So Democrats create a crazy conspiracy to attack the president with, but then the BLM supporters actually attack the building.

So I guess BLM folks are now trying to interfere in the election by going after the USPS? Can we expect condemnation then by the Democrats for this interference? I’m guessing no. They wouldn’t even mention it.

An evil small business, destroyed likely forever:


The Bradford Community Church which was next to the car dealership was endangered at one point. That’s the church that had the sign that said “Black Lives Matter.” The sign was completely destroyed.

But live streamers helped save the church.

Is it too much to ask what does any of this have to do with “justice?”

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