Cuomo's Despicable Convention Speech, Now He's Releasing a Book on His 'Success'

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Media has done a lot of wrong things in the past year.

But perhaps one of the worst has been to paint Gov. Andrew Cuomo as some kind of a hero for his response to the Wuhan coronavirus because he gave nice sounding briefings and was a Democrat.


This despite the fact that there was no worse state response to the virus than Cuomo in New York, the state not only with the most deaths, but with a specific order requiring that nursing homes, the places with people most at risk, take virus patients. It is now believed that 11,000 may have died as a result. But the numbers are still difficult to assess because of the cover-up that was ordered to prevent people from getting a clear number.

But despite all that, the Democrats invited him to speak at the “virtual” Democratic National Convention to talk about his “success” and praise him. Their praise of him was delusional, his remarks bordered on sociopathic.

As Guy Benson at Townhall observed, Cuomo called it the “European virus” completely giving China and their cover-up a pass thereby. He also called it a “metaphor” something that should come as a shock to the families who lost loved ones, like Fox meteorologist Janice Dean’s family who saw it as something more than a “metaphor.”

But perhaps the worst was excusing away the terrible actions he and other New York officials took that led to the virus being so bad in New York. “For all the pain and all the tears, our way worked. And it was beautiful,” Cuomo claimed.


No, it really wasn’t. From the start, New York failed. Cuomo promised to contact trace the first diagnosed patient detected at March 1. He never did, according to the New York Times. Then New York City failed to even understand what most of the rest of us knew by March: that it was a highly contagious.

Check this out, check the shaking heads as the NYC Health Commissioner explains that the virus is not “an illness that can be easily spread through casual contact.” Oh my god.

Even further into the month, de Blasio was still urging people to go on the subway.

New York didn’t start shutting things down until the middle of the month, after the President cut travel with Europe on March 12 and encouraged social distancing measures.

Despite all that, despite knowing that the elderly were most at risk by March 25, Cuomo ordered the nursing homes to take virus patients back. Thousands of deaths then happened related to the nursing homes. How many exactly we can’t be sure of because not only did Cuomo issue the despicable order, but once he started getting blamed for what he did, suddenly a cover-up started going into effect to lower the actual count connect ed to the nursing homes. They did that by not counting those who were taken to and died in the hospital as related nursing home deaths, only counting the people who died while physically in the nursing home thus deceiving how many deaths could be related to his order. Since most people would go to the hospital before they died, this could be cutting out thousands of deaths from the count. Shamefully, Cuomo administration has even refused to reveal what the real number is, making you know it’s much higher than the official number of 6,600.


Estimates from the AP were that it could run around 11,000.

He also blamed New York’s issues on Trump and the federal government, again another incredibly deceitful take. Trump was completely on top of offering New York anything they needed. They screamed they needed ventilators, he got it for them. He got thousands of people to help out New York, setting up a temporary military hospital to take overage patients in the Javits Center, even sending the hospital ship Comfort to help. But again, because of the poor management by the folks in New York, those resources that were offered were barely used, while the nursing homes were overloaded and had people dying because of Cuomo’s order.

But he got ripped apart on Tuesday not just for the horrible tone-deaf speech, but because he also revealed that he was writing a book about his handling of the virus. We’re still in the middle of it and he, the man responsible for the worst possible response, is taking a victory lap? Is he serious? Talk about sociopathic.


Just vile.

But Democrats just embraced this guy and his actions. Biden just praised him. Unbelievable.



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