Here's What Some of Those 'Peaceful' Portland Protester 'Moms' Have Been Doing the Last Two Days

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Hundreds of Black Lives Matter protesters hold their phones aloft on Monday, July 20, 2020, in Portland, Ore. Federal officers’ actions at protests in Oregon’s largest city, hailed by President Donald Trump but done without local consent, are raising the prospect of a constitutional crisis — one that could escalate as weeks of demonstrations find renewed focus in clashes with camouflaged, unidentified agents outside Portland’s U.S. courthouse. (AP Photo/Noah Berger)

The Antifa/BLM folks who have been involved in direct action in Portland have certainly made use of propaganda.

One of their propaganda things that paid off was the “Wall of Moms” gambit.

These poor moms were just so aggrieved that their poor kids who were trying to peacefully protest were tear gassed by the evil police so they came out to support them. That was the story the national media wanted us to buy.

Of course, the national media didn’t look too deeply at who was involved or check how some of the moms were just regular protester/rioters who donned yellow shirts to help buff out the line of moms. Just like voila when press aren’t supposed to be targeted by the police, suddenly “press” just blossoms all over the place, many looking amazingly like some of the rioters from the nights before.

We brought you these lovely moments previously, with moms helping rioters try to pull down the fence in front of the federal courthouse and then trying to break in back in July.


The Wall of Moms has since blown up, with accusations the the original group leader wasn’t focused on “centering” black lives. Then a new group was reconstituted, Mothers United for Black Lives, with people including Demetria Hester as one of the leaders.

On Tuesday night, Aug. 5, there was this special moment with the moms chanting. This was when they had marched to the Portland Police Association, the police union building.

Nice, right?

Now how about this special moment on the same night? Notice who is leading the chant in front of the building and the yellow shirts? “Every city, every town, burn the precincts to the ground.”

White shirt, mic, backpack, voice. Check, check, check, check. I would also note this is not a new chant, Portland BLM/Antifa has used it before.


Rioters did in fact try to set fire to the Association building.

Then on Wednesday night, the rioters went to the East Precinct tried to break in there to set that building on fire.

Let’s check in with the “moms” again to see what they were doing as others were trying to break into the building, ripped the wooden plywood protection off the walls and damaged the camera over the door.

Were they counseling peace? Encouraging soccer? Saying we don’t need to do this because Trump’s evil federal goons are not involved?

Not so much. Here they go (warning for language), recognize anyone?

Rioters then tried to break in.

From the perspective of the officers:


At least one “mom” was arrested, according to police. Kiley Delgado, 28, of Hillsboro, Oregon, was charged with Riot and Interfering with a Police Officer. Delgado identified herself as a member of the Moms United for Black Lives here. You can see in the picture of her on that site how she’s wearing the yellow shit. It’s not clear if other “moms” have also been arrested for any of the action that has gone on.

I’m sure that there are some moms that go to protest and go home, who aren’t involved in the actual action. But here’s the thing. Where are the public statements from them and the BLM denouncing the violence against the police? If “Silence is Violence,” why aren’t they speaking up?


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