Watch: Black Portland Police Officer Speaks Out Against Racist White 'Protesters'

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Anti-fascist counter-demonstrators cross the Burnside Bridge across the Willamette River from the west side of the city to the east side in search of the far-right group, the Proud Boys, in Portland, Ore., Saturday, Aug. 17, 2019. Self-described anti-fascists vowed to confront the rally while leaders from the far right urged their followers to turn out in large numbers to protest the arrests of multiple members of right-wing groups in the run-up to the event. Antifa members often cover their faces with masks, making it harder to identify them. (AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus)

One of things that I’ve seen in the coverage of all the radical leftist chaos that has been happening is how awful the leftist “protesters” and rioters have been to the police, especially to black police officers.

There’s no question that Portland wins the prize so far for most hard core ridiculous rioting reaction with Antifa attacking police for over 47 days.

Now there’s an interview that KGW did with a black Portland police officer, Jakhary Jackson, that has gone viral and for good reason.

Jackson has been an officer for about ten years. He’s been on patrol and worked with their rapid response team.

This picture of him went viral in 2018 trying to talk with and help a homeless man.

He’s now been working the ‘protests.’

His description about the protests was eye-opening to say the least.

“I’ve seen folks that really do want change like the rest of us that have been impacted by racism. And then I got to see those people get faded out by people who have no idea what racism is all about, never experienced racism, that don’t even know the tactics they’re using are the same tactics that were used against my people. And they don‘t even know the history. They don’t know what they’re saying. As someone who graduated from PSU with a history degree, it’s actually frightening.”


He spoke about how white protesters tried to prevent protesters of color from talking with him.

“A lot of times, someone of color—Black, Hispanic, Asian—will come up to the fence, and want to talk directly to me: ‘What do you think about George Floyd? What do you think about what happened with the police?’ [Then] Someone white comes up and ‘Eff the police, don’t talk to him!”

He described how on the 23rd day of being detailed to the protests, a young African American girl protester came up to him and asked why wasn’t he talking with them. He explained how every time he tried to, a white protester would pop up and try to stop the conversation. Lo and behold, just as he said that, a white girl popped up and told the African American girl not to talk to him. He then asked the white girl why she felt the need to speak for the African American girl and why she had to interrupt their conversation? He said she wasn’t able to answer the question, except to say “Someone told me to do it.”

Jackson described how one of the first businesses that was looted was a black owned business but they didn’t know or even care.


He said the community members spoke about how this was hurting the community and asked for this to stop, but they’re still coming out. “What is the end goal?”

Jackson detailed how he’d been attacked during the protests, explaining he’d been hit with an explosive, a full beer can, rock to the chest, frozen water bottle.

He described how there were more minorities on the police than there were among the ‘protesters’ and the racist attacks that they’d leveled at him.

“It says something when you’re at a Black Lives Matter protest, and you have more minorities on the police side than you have in a violent crowd, and you have white people screaming at black officers, ‘You have the biggest nose I’ve ever seen.’ You hear these things, and you go, where, are these people going to say something to these people? Having people telling you what to do with your life, that you need to quit your job, that you’re hurting your community, and they’re not even part of the community.”

He defended his colleagues for all they have done, yet they are called racist. “It’s disgusting,” he said.

He nails them but good and good for him for saying it.


It’s not about black lives, it’s about radical leftists and disaffected kids trying to be important.


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