Statue of Jesus Beheaded, Follows Raft of Attacks and Incidents Involving Churches and Statues

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FILE – In this Sunday, Oct. 9, 2005 file photo, a large U.S. flag on the Loyola University campus hangs behind a life-sized statue of Jesus Christ in New Orleans. People paused from cleaning up from Hurricane Katrina to attend church. (AP Photo/Bill Haber)

A statue of Jesus Christ was decapitated and knocked off its pedestal at the Good Shepard Catholic Church in Miami on Wednesday morning.

Rev. Edivaldo da Silva believes it was a targeted attack and the Archdiocese of Miami expects it will be investigated as a hate crime.

From Washington Examiner:

“Obviously not, that’s for sure,” da Silva said when asked if the statue fell over on its own. “They had some powerful hands to remove it. Seeing what is happening in our country, I presume so, but we don’t have 100% assurance.”

“The Archdiocese of Miami expects the police to investigate this desecration of the Jesus Christ statue as a hate crime. This crime reflects the increasing attacks on the Catholic church across the country,” the archdiocese said in a statement.

This is only the latest act of vandalism against Christian symbols.

A statue of the Virgin Mary was beheaded at St. Stephen’s Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee, over last weekend.


In Boston, a statue of the Virgin Mary was set on fire outside St. Peter’s Church in Dorchester, lit plastic flowers in the statue’s hands on fire, charring the face of the statue, causing the statue’s face to become black. The statue had been erected to thank the Virgin Mary for the safe return of men from World War II.

A second statue of the Virgin Mary outride of Cathedral Preparatory School and Seminary was vandalized in New York City when someone spray painted “idol” on it Friday night. Reports were that a masked woman did it and fled the scene. The rector, James Kuroly, called it an “act of hatred.”

Radical leftists have been toppling statues of St. Junipero Serra across California in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Sacramento. Serra was a priest who came from Spain and set up missions in California. He was made a saint in the Catholic Church for his work with the poor.


Last Saturday, a church founded by Serra in 1771, the San Gabriel Mission was heavily damaged by fire, with most of the roof and a lot of the inside being destroyed. It’s not clear what started the fire, but there given the animosity directed toward Serra, unfortunately one has to ask the question. Several leftists were also cheering the destruction of the church after the news broke, attacking Serra and saying things on Twitter like “let it burn.”

At about the same time, a fire was also set in a church in Ocala, Florida where a man crashed a minivan into a church, then got out and set the church on fire. The fire was put out and no one was hurt.


It’s not hard to see a lot of this as part of the whole effort to tear down history and other cultural symbols in the wake of the radical leftists sowing chaos ripping down statues, especially after people like Shaun King said that anything depicting Jesus as a “white European” and his “white European mother” should come down. We’ll have to see to wait as the facts develop in each case.

But safe to say, whole lot of evil happening right now.


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