After Little Girl Killed at Protester Location Near Wendy's in Atlanta, Now Three More People Shot

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Burned down Wendy’s, Atlanta

We brought you the horrible story on Sunday that “protesters,” who had been occupying a parking lot near the Atlanta Wendy’s where Rayshard Brooks was killed by the police, shot and killed a little eight-year-old girl, Secoriea Turner.


She was in a car with her mom and a friend when they pulled off the interstate and turned into the parking lot to try to turn around but they were stopped by “protesters” who were illegally barricading the parking lot. Armed men surrounded the car. An altercation ensued and police say two men were involved in shooting into the car, killing the child.

Protesters have been illegally occupying the area near the Wendys for weeks since the shooting of Brooks. The Mayor said that the city had been in “negotiations” with them to try to get them to leave. There has been at least one prior shooting incident at the location. The Mayor called out the shooting of the little girl and said they would be clearing out the protester area, that enough was enough.

The parents also called out the “protesters” who shot their child.


“They say Black Lives Matter. You killed your own.” Secoriya Williamson, father of 8-year-old Secoriea Turner, said.

But one hour after the press conference with the Mayor and the parents, there was another shooting, this time a triple shooting, with one man dead and two others wounded, feet from where the little girl was shot.

From WSB:

On Sunday night around 7:30 p.m., officers responded to 1192 Pryor Street, next door to the Wendy’s, and found two people who appeared to have been shot.

A third victim arrived at Grady hospital a short time later.

Police said a 53-year-old man was dead at the scene. A second victim appeared to have been grazed by a bullet and was stable. The third victim was taken to the hospital by private vehicle. That person’s condition is unclear.


WSB-TV reported the police said there was an exchange of gunfire from at least two people.

This never should have been allowed and they have to shut it down, if they haven’t done it yet.


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