Wait, What? White Leftist Protesters Try To Tell Black Officers About Racism

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A protester speaks with a Park Police officer standing guard with a line of police closing off off the area around Lafayette Park near the White House after protesters tried to topple a statue of Andrew Jackson in the park in Washington, early Tuesday, June 23, 2020. (AP Photo/Maya Alleruzzo)

There’s a lot of crazy that one can report on in the radical leftist protests, particularly in Washington, D.C.

But perhaps the thing that took the most gall is the way in which they treated the police officers who were there, just doing their job. Even if you were already supportive of police in general, what the protesters have managed to do is promote even greater sympathy for the police if you watch what they have to deal with every day from these folks.

There unfortunately are a lot of videos to choose from.

But perhaps one of the more remarkable series of videos is white liberals/leftists telling black cops about racism.

The reporter asks her if she sees a problem with what she’s doing. The point goes right over her head, she says she believes it’s her responsibility to “fix” racism. By yelling at black officers, because she knows more than they do and is going to instruct them. “Just because they’re black doesn’t mean they’re not a part of the problem,” she asserts.


But she doesn’t stop there. She starts being vile with another black officer, asking the female officer to “smile” for Breonna Taylor, the EMT who was shot and killed by Louisville, Kentucky police after a “no knock” warrant went wrong.

Then there’s this white guy in a man bun trying to tell this female officer that she’s being offensive to her fellow officers who are black because she has what looks like a “thin blue line” or “Blue Lives Matter” flag mask.

The man impugns everyone in New Jersey who flies the flag, saying he knows why they fly it. The reporter asks him what he thinks it means, he says it means that they don’t support Black Lives Matter and that it didn’t exist before Black Lives Matter. You can see the black officer in the back just shaking his head at this guy when he says it. The concept of the “thin blue line” long preceded BLM as being appreciative and supportive of the police. But perhaps this man bun guy really needs a history lesson in this. The Blue Lives Matter flag developed in 2014 after two NYPD cops Wen Jiang Liu and Rafael Ramos were assassinated by a BLM protester to show support for the police, who were facing literal attack because they were being demonized.

They continued agitating against other officers there. It’s an actual tactic used by leftist protests, meant to incite a cop to respond angrily, get that on video and make more hay with it. But the police weren’t biting.


They kept shining lights in their eyes to annoy them.

Slinging obscenities at them, claiming cops just want to shoot unarmed people in the street. Warning for language.

For those that still don’t get they hate America, they burnt flags and shouted, “F**k America!.”


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