Police Bust Alleged Rioting Arsonists Because They Were Incredibly Stupid

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Protestors demonstrate outside of a burning Minneapolis 3rd Police Precinct, Thursday, May 28, 2020, in Minneapolis. Protests over the death of George Floyd, a black man who died in police custody Monday, broke out in Minneapolis for a third straight night. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

Let’s start with the basic presumption that rioting radical leftists are not very bright.

Because if they were, they wouldn’t be rioting radical leftists to begin with, right?

First principle of Antifa, why they wear black bloc (black clothing and head covering) and get really mad when people take video of them? Because they don’t want to be identified and black bloc makes them all look the same.

Well, it seems that a few alleged arsonists didn’t take that general advice and got caught because they were just straight up stupid.

So one would think when you’re trying to light up that police cars with a flaming piece of wood, it’s probably not a good idea to wear a custom t-shirt in the process and exposing your very identifiable tattoo. But allegedly Lore Elisabeth Blumenthal didn’t get the message. She’s accused of torching two police vehicles that were completely destroyed during a protest/riot in Philadelphia.

The police saw the political shirt she was wearing which said “Keep the Immigrants Deport the Racists” and figured out it was a custom shirt being sold on Etsy. They went there, checked the reviews and saw a review from a person with the name “Lore Elisabeth” from Philadelphia. So they checked that person’s name in Philly, saw her LinkedIn page as a massage therapist, went to her company website and voila! There was a woman with the same distinctive peace sign forearm tattoo. They tracked her address from her phone number on the site and then arrested her.


Her lawyer questioned the tactics used.

From NY Post:

“The question is whether they’ve undermined the privacy interests of everyone based on the search for one or two individuals,” said the lawyer, Paul Hetznecker.

“That’s the same paradigm that was used to profile Muslims after 9/11, the same paradigm used for profiling African Americans,” he added.

It’s not the fault of the police that your client was an idiot and allegedly had on identifying clothes and a tattoo.

Maybe even dumber than that would be actually allegedly bragging about rioting, like Bryce Michael Williams, who was arrested in connection with the arson of the 3rd Precinct in Minneapolis.

Williams was charged on Wednesday and information indicated they figured him out based on clothing match from video in front of the burning precinct.

But he also reportedly went on the Nate Thirty Show and bragged about being at the precinct.

From Daily Caller:

“I participated in the riots, of course,” Williams told The Nate Thirty Show. “I’m with my people.” He added that he was “there when they first burned down the police station,” and that rioting was justified as a form of protest, while looting was not, according to the CBS Minnesota affiliate.

When Williams was asked if burning buildings is part of the rioting, he replies “yeah, definitely, that’s part of rioting, it’s mass destruction — that’s what rioting is, it’s mass destruction.”


Williams ran a GoFundMe claiming he was an activist doing a documentary on Black Lives Matter and needed money to go to various protests around the country. He said he was doing it to spread awareness of the BLM movement.

According to Heavy, he even posted video showing he was there at the precinct during the torching. Other video allegedly shows him holding a Molotov cocktail. You can check out video of him here.

Then finally, there’s Dylan Shakespeare Robinson who is accused in the precinct arson as well. He also allegedly posted video to Snapchat showing he was there.

ATF investigators reviewed a video posted on Robinson’s Snapchat account that showed at least one individual appearing to make a Molotov cocktail while multiple unidentified voices provide directions on how to make the device. During the video, he typed several comments, including “These guys have never made a Molotov… Rookies,” and “We need gasoline.”


They each may have a nice long time in a cell to contemplate how dumb they all were.


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