82 Year Old Trump Supporter Violently Attacked for Holding Trump Sign, Gets a Surprise From Donald Trump, Jr.

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Donald Trump Jr. waves at campaign rally before President Donald Trump appears Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2020 in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

82-year-old Charlie Chase, who is a retired teacher and a Trump supporter, didn’t anticipate trouble when he was showing his support for the President with a Trump sign in Fall River, Massachusetts.


But as the man stood at a rotary with his sign, he said that 27-year-old Aidan Courtright got out of his car and screamed at him, telling him to “Give me the *** sign!” Courtright then ripped the sign in half and attacked the elderly man, allegedly knocking the Trump hat off of his head, grabbing him by his shirt, lifting him up in the air and slamming him to the ground. Then he allegedly continued to attack the man on the ground, kicking him in the ribs with a “leather pointed shoe.”

Chase said he’d never seen anything like the hate on the man’s face in all his life, “It was so scary. I was frozen for a little while.”

Witnesses saw the attack and took down the license plate of the man after he fled. Police later arrested Courtright and charged him with assault and battery on a person over 60, assault with a dangerous weapon, a civil right violation with injury and vandalism of personal property.

Donald Trump, Jr. tweeted about the story.


Radio host Howie Carr told Trump, Jr. that Chase was scheduled to be on his show and Trump, Jr. then called into the show to talk with Chase.

From Daily Caller:

“I just wanted to say I saw your story, and I’m sorry you had to go through that,” said Trump Jr. “We really appreciate the support and stuff like that shouldn’t be going on in America, and I just wanted to say thank you for that support. Thank you for your steadfast loyalty, for your service to our country. It means the world to us, and I want to have my team get you to get some extra MAGA swag, hats, gear, flags and everything like that, just to thank you for everything you stand for, my friend.”

“I have to thank you guys,” said an emotional Chase. “You don’t know how much you mean to us. Thank you.”

“I promise you, it’s guys like you that keep us motivated, patriot Americans, and thank you so much for your service to our country,” said Trump Jr. “Your guys are truly a remarkable generation and I wish we had more like you.”

“Well, thank you,” Chase responded. “This will not scare me away. I’m going to be doing this continuously right up until the election.”


Carr suggested maybe Trump, Jr, could have his father write Chase a note and he said he’d work on it.

Who assaults an elderly man like that who was doing nothing? And yet, this is likely a leftist who thinks that Trump folks are “Nazis” and he’s “stomping a Nazi” because he loves people and Trump people are evil. Hence the pointed shoes. This is truly twisted in thought and action. But good on Trump, Jr. for reaching out in kindness to Charlie Chase.


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