Americans Deliver a Big Message to Antifa and Other Rioters

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Protestors face-off against National Guard in Minneapolis, Minnesota, May 29, 2020. (Townhall Media/Julio Rosas)

According to a Morning Consult poll, Americans have a big message for Antifa as well as the other rioters and looters who have been wreaking havoc in cities across the U.S.: stop it now or we’re completely cool with the military stopping you, if the police and local governments are unable to.


President Donald Trump created a stir for some on the left when he spoke about the possible use of military other than the National Guard to help deal with the riots. Of course, they flipped immediately from saying he wasn’t doing enough to then saying that would be “fascist.”

But Americans are with Trump on this one, if the poll is indication. Enough is enough, they’ve had it.

From Daily Caller:

The majority of Americans support calling in the military to “supplement” police forces as they “address” protests over the death of George Floyd, a new poll released Tuesday shows.

Fifty-eight percent of registered voters of the Morning Consult poll said they were in favor of bringing in the military. And 33% of respondents said they “strongly support” the use of military for such purposes, with 25% “somewhat” supporting it.

Eleven percent of registered voters said they “somewhat oppose” the measure, and 19 percent said they “strongly oppose” it.

58 percent in any such poll is a pretty big number.

Naturally, the older Americans were, the more likely they were to support the move. The younger they were, the less likely. But still, even 30% of Generation Z folks (born 1997-2012) said they supported it.

That was the use of other military. Americans were even more supportive of the use of the National Guard, with 71% saying they supported bringing them in to help police, 18% opposed and 11% not sure or no opinion. Nearly 90% of those over 65 agreed.


National Guard has been called out in many cities. It seemed to have quelled a lot of the violence in Minneapolis, the original melting point of the riots. President Donald Trump has expressed his support for the Guard and pleaded with NYC to call them in.

But Mayor de Blasio has refused.

Here’s the mania happening on the streets in New York City.

Thousands of protesters marched on de Blasio’s home on Tuesday night calling for him to resign.


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