Buffalo Mayor Has Best Response to Rioter Who Set Fire to City Hall: 'We Have You On Camera, You Idiot'

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Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown Reacts to Riots

Riots, violence and looting have erupted in cities across the country in the wake of the death of George Floyd under the knee of a police officer in Minneapolis.


Among the cities that were hit was Buffalo.

From Townhall:

WBEN’s Brendan Keany, who provided some first-person coverage of the event, said what started as a peaceful march suddenly became terrifying and violent when the marchers got back to Niagara Square. He witnessed a car “rush into a crowd of protesters” and then those same individuals flooded the car, and went after the driver. He captured part of it on video.

It was then, Keany said, that “a rush of rioters went to the federal courthouse.” One rioter actually threw a flammable object through a city hall window.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown had a simple message about the attack on the city hall. It wasn’t clouded by simpering silliness like Mayor Jacob Frey of Minneapolis who urged people to understand the sadness of the rioters.

“We have you on camera, you idiot,” Brown said. “We’re going to find you and prosecute you to the full extent of the law. So get ready, because we’re coming.”

My new favorite city leader.

And he wasn’t kidding. They do in fact have the guy on camera. Paging MSNBC’s Joy Reid, CNN’s Josh Campbell and Gov. Walz of Minneapolis, it isn’t a white nationalist.


Buffalo Police Captain Jeff Rinaldo confirmed to WBEN on Sunday that he and his force have recovered “some extremely good footage” of the criminal who launched the object at city hall.

“He was foolish enough to do this in front [of] a news crew,” Rinaldo noted. “So we will be putting a laser focus on that person to bring them to justice.”

Thinking Mr. Idiot better be a little concerned because the knock on your door is coming soon.

They also are reviewing video in other incidents in Buffalo and have already made seven arrests.

Sounds like there’s at least one city who may have some things together amongst a raft who don’t.


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