Clueless Tweet of CNN's S.E. Cupp Gets Fact-Checked Hard With a Little Help From Greg Gutfeld

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CNN headquarters in Atlanta was attacked last night by rioters and radical leftists who used common leftist hate terms for the police, sprayed anarchy symbols on the building, busted in the windows, threw a smoke grenade at police and reporters in the building and waved Black Lives Matter and Mexican flags from the top of the CNN sign building in Atlanta (must be those white supremacists).


But CNN’s S.E. Cupp has the reason for the riots all figured out. Guess who she blamed for the leftist riots in Democratically controlled cities in Democratically controlled states like Minneapolis? You got it, the “lack of leadership” of President Donald Trump.

Notice, like the rest of CNN, the actual rioters get a pass as “grieving.” Those white and black people looting stores like Target weren’t grieving, they were rejoicing that they got to rip the place off. “Entirely peaceful,” right?

Meanwhile the rioters have left people in the neighborhood who are really in need in tears in the streets, having destroyed their businesses and destroyed the stores they relied upon to live, as this tearful woman explained.


Those are the people “traumatized,” not the rioters.

Greg Gutfeld had the perfect response to Cupp’s fact-less tweet.

She wants to blame the president? A few people had some suggestions for her.

Apparently history began with Trump and we can just memory hole all those riots and cities that burned under the sterling leadership of Barack Obama. Obama was actually accused of inciting a lot because of his antipathy towards the police. If people recall, those riots were also accompanied by efforts to assassinate police officers. We’re also seeing that now.


Here’s another takeaway from her statement. When the media like Cupp blames “America” for this as she is doing, zooming out, it’s because she doesn’t want to blame the people actually doing it – the locals and the radical professionals leftists. They don’t want to place the blame where the blame belongs, so it becomes “America” and the violence something we must “understand.” While one can understand the pain of the death of George Floyd, one shouldn’t understand or condone the violence and the rioting which only harms people.

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