Biden Gets Asked If He's 'Creepy' and 'Lame,' the Answer Pretty Much Proves the Point

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Democratic presidential candidate former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden arrives to speak to local residents during a bus tour stop at Water’s Edge Nature Center, Monday, Dec. 2, 2019, in Algona, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

Democrats are in big trouble with their presumptive presidential nominee, Joe Biden.

Biden just got pulled big time into the Obamagate scandal and the improper targeting of Gen. Michael Flynn when he was named today as one of the people who requested unmasking of Flynn on Jan. 12. Biden first falsely claimed he knew nothing about the case yesterday, then he amended that to say he knew there was a case but wasn’t involved in any way. This shows that to be completely false.

On top of that, there’s still the pending sexual assault allegation with several other woman who accused him of inappropriate touching.

Underlying all that is that he’s just plain unfit and well, creepy. As my colleague Sister Toldjah reported, he just had another incoherent episode when asked about Tara Reade.

That apparently is big problem, not just for folks on the right but also for a lot of younger folks on the left who are not as easily convinced that they have to vote for this creepy confused guy.

Interestingly, people are finally starting to ask Biden other than softball questions and so we have to give it to Snapchat’s Peter Hamby for asking a pretty good question: what do you do, Joe, about this perception of you as an old, confused creepy dude because it’s not playing well?


From Townhall:

Hamby, the host of “Good Luck America,” presented the former VP with a study recently conducted by the Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy regarding the most popular slogans about him. The top three results were “Dementia Joe,” “Sleepy Joe,” and “Creepy Joe.” Not very flattering.

“Basically there’s an entire discourse on the internet right now that’s painting you as creepy and old and out of touch and kinda lame,” Hamby noted.

Biden’s response was, in a word, lame, proving the point. He tried to blame Trump and then he seemed to claim that kids today don’t get most of their news from the internet.

Really? I beg to differ, it’s pretty much where it all comes from for not only a lot of kids, but a lot of adults.


He tried to claim he was trying to get better with it, but managed to mispronounce Andrew Yang’s name as Andrew Young. He may have been thinking of the former US Ambassador to the UN and Mayor of Atlanta Andrew Young.

But if there’s any question at all about being out of touch and lame, this pretty much finishes it.


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